Should I use miralax with water? That is a question that many parents often have when their baby goes through constipation.

Can You Mix Miralax With Water?

I’m pretty sure every parent has heard of this thing called Miralax and you might’ve even used it with your child. Most parents like to mix it with water but is that something you can do?


It does wonders in getting rid of any constipation and has been a true lifesaver for me many times during my journey as a mom.


The one thing about using Miralax was the fear that I might use it the wrong way and hurt my child. I had so many questions about how to use it and I often felt overwhelmed.


However, I found the answers to my questions by asking my doctor and even the people who made Miralax themselves!


This was one of the questions I had and I have expanded a bit on it for parents who are confused out there.


I have written a short summary for the busy moms out there who want to get a quick answer but I also wrote a more in-depth piece for people that are interested.

Yes you can mix miralax with water or any other liquids except milk and carbonated beverages. You can also mix it in solid foods. Miralax is not dangerous at all and it helps reduce constipation!

This was one of my first questions I had before giving my baby Miralax. I was worried if it would have any side effects on my baby.


Luckily for me, my baby had no side effects, however, your experience might be different. 


The first thing you should do is read the ingredients for Miralax to see if your child is allergic to any of them. 


Usually, this won’t be the case but its always better to be safe than sorry.


The second step you should do is contact your paediatrician. They know exactly what your baby needs and will make sure it’s also safe.


Your paediatrician might recommend something else or might even say no to Miralax which means you should not give it to your baby.


Remember, the best advice is always from a doctor or paediatrician. No advice from the internet can rival what your paediatrician will say as they know more about your baby.


So in the end, Miralax isn’t really dangerous. There might be a few cases where it could harm your baby but those are extremely rare.


However, the way you feed your baby Miralax can also affect how harmful it might be for your baby. Mixing it in different foods can lead to different results. 


Keep reading to see what happens when Miralax is mixed with milk!

Can You Mix Miralax In Milk?

Generally, no you cannot. If you read the Miralax packaging, it says not to mix it with milk.


However, I have talked with parents who said that they have mixed it with milk and have seen no side effects at all.


Some parents even told me that their pediatricians recommended mixing the Miralax with milk.


Now, this may be confusing for some parents but what I recommend is to not mix the Miralax with milk.


Just because it worked for another baby doesn’t mean it will work for your baby.


However, if your pediatrician does recommend mixing it with milk, then go for it!

So Can You Mix Miralax In Water?

Yes, you can! This is one of the better ways to give your baby Miralax as you’re supposed to feed your little ones a lot of water too.


Mixing Miralax with water gets two things done at once as you can also feed them more water.


And usually, constipation is caused due to not enough water. So using water will help a lot in terms of the constipation that your baby is dealing with. 


I think if you are deciding between water and some other liquid, you need to try both and see what your baby likes more.


Some toddlers will prefer it with water while some would rather have it with an alternative.


However, one of the major things about Miralax is that it works better along with a lot of water to help the body.


So make sure to keep your baby hydrated!

Can You Mix Miralax In Baby Food Or Formula?

The only reason I am putting this here is because many parents asked me about it.


Again the short answer is yes. 


Miralax works completely fine when mixed with baby food or formula and it’s just like mixing it with water. 


This is also a great way to make your baby take in Miralax as they won’t even notice they are being fed any of it.


I’ve even talked with some parents who puree vegetables and fruits and mix Miralax with it.


There are many ways you can incorporate Miralax into your baby’s diet!

What Other Liquids Can I Mix Miralax In?

Believe it or not but you can mix Miralax with any liquids as long as it’s not milk or anything carbonated.


Even I was surprised to know that Miralax can be mixed alongside numerous liquids but it makes sense because Miralax itself is quite flavourless.


If you try to mix Miralax with milk, you might notice some foaming on the milk. I’m not entirely sure what causes this foaming but it is something I’ve noticed.


The carbonated part is something that Miralax themselves say not to do. I feel like the reason for this might be that the carbonation might cause gas in babies which can lead to even worse issues.


So now that you know that Miralax can be mixed with any other liquid, you might be asking what are some good liquids to use?


Well, I got a list of liquids that my mommy friends have used for their babies which they really like!


And literally any other liquid that your baby prefers!


Apple juice and prune juice are often recommended as they themselves help with constipation.


So it’s like mixing two things that will help with constipation which ends up being super effective for your baby! (source)

Can I Mix Miralax With Solids?

Although the most common choice is to mix Miralax with another liquid, some parents choose to mix it in more solid foods.


Obviously, this doesn’t mean you are going to be mixing Miralax with an apple but rather with foods that are way less liquidy such as yogurt.


Miralax will end up working the same way and mixing it with solid foods is a great way if your child doesn’t want to consume any liquids!


So yes, mixing it with solids is completely fine!


Some parents often mix it with food purees for their child which aren’t entirely solid but you get the point.


Yogurt is another common choice by parents even though it includes milk. 


If your baby is a bit older and they are eating foods like rice, vegetables, or anything solid. 


You can try to sprinkle Miralax on those foods so that they eat it!


The possibilities are endless but make sure to try it once before giving them too much of it.


If your child’s body doesn’t react to it well, you’re better off knowing about it beforehand.

What Not To Mix Miralax With?

If you’ve been reading the whole article you might already know what not to mix Miralax with but I wanna say it again in case anyone missed it.


Absolutely do not mix Miralax with any carbonated beverages or milk!


It just doesn’t work well and can cause more problems for your baby.


There are many other ways you can get Miralax into their system that don’t include milk or soda.


Also, don’t use anything that your baby is allergic to. This one should be obvious but again I just wanna make it clear. (source)

Tips For Getting Miralax Down

There was a time when somehow my toddler knew that I put Miralax into his juice.


Maybe he saw me doing it or he was able to read my mind but this should generally never happen.


Miralax is totally tasteless and your baby will have no idea that you are making them eat it.


However, if your child is somehow able to detect the powder, then you might need to use some tricks to make them eat it.


The trick is to make it ‘boujee’ for them. You’re gonna have to make it sound like a fancy restaurant to them.


Well, how do you do this?


One of the things I did was mix it with ice cream. This works wonders if you want your child to eat it.


Some of my mommy friends even suggested using lemonade.


There are many ways you can make it easier for your child to take in Miralax.


The best way is finding something your child really likes and then mixing Miralax in that.


Just try out many combos and see what works best for your baby!


I hope this article answered any questions you had about what you can mix Miralax with. 


If you have any more questions about it, please leave them below or go to the ask us a question page and leave it there!


What have you mixed Miralax with? Share your experiences below!

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