How to soften hair for babies and deal with rough or thin hair?

How To Make Your Baby’s Hair Softer

When I had my first child, I just wanted every small detail to be perfect. And the truth is that there are many things out of your control that just won’t be perfect.


One of the things that was hard to control was my baby’s hair. As he was growing up, he had extremely rough and dry hair which was unpleasant.


I wanted his hair to be soft and silky but I had no idea how I could achieve that. However, after talking with many parents and asking what they did with their baby’s, I have finally figured out some of the best ways to soften my baby’s hair and make it silky. 

Start using baby shampoos such as Johnson’s Shiny & Soft and shampoo their hair twice a week. Massage coconut oil into their scalps and feed them a diet full of vegetables and nutritious stuff to soften their hair. Read below for more in-depth tips.

Oh boy, the amount of things that can affect how your baby’s hair feels is insane! At first, my baby also had thin and rough hair that was a big downer to me as a parent as it might affect my baby’s future development.


I used to be so confused as to what could be making his hair so rough and thin and instead of listing what makes their hair softer, I’ll list what makes it rougher!


Factors that cause rough or thin hair:



  • Over-washing 

Do you shampoo your baby’s hair everyday? This can be extremely harmful to their hair as it strips away the natural oils from their hair. 


  • Sleeping on one position on their head

Often if your baby sleeps in a certain position, that spot on their head will have less hair at first or have a different texture. This is just natural and automatically fixes overtime.


  • Improper

If your baby has started eating solid foods, then they might not be getting the proper nutrients needed for soft hair. Your baby might need more fish or lentils which generally have nutrients that help promote softer and silkier hair.


  • Harsh products

Babies have gentle scalps that easily react to any type of product. Using shampoos meant for adults can be extremely harmful to your baby’s scalp.


  • Slowed down oil production

This is more of a genetic factor but it is possible that your baby might just have naturally rough hair. This is at no fault of yours, however, you can help to soften their hair.

  • Blow dryers

Using a blow dryer is generally not recommended for your baby’s scalp. They usually dry out and damage even an adult’s hair so the effect on babies is much more.


  • Hair exposed to a lot of heat

Similar to blow-drying, if your baby is exposed to a lot of heat from the sun or just high temperatures, it can dry out their scalp leaving a very rough texture.


  • Chemical treatments

Chemical treatments can include things like dyes that people might use for their babies. These are generally really unsafe for infants and can cause long term effects. 

  •  Chlorine

Has your baby been swimming around in the pool? The chlorine from the water can contribute to roughness if it isn’t washed away properly. (Source)


Now the point of listing all the reasons for rough and thin hair is to help parents understand the cause of their problem.


You can work backwards by figuring out what the issue is and fixing it. However, that isn’t always easy which is why I have listed some solutions that you can try for your baby.

Products To Soften Baby’s Hair

Now there are plenty of ways you can soften your baby’s hair using products either natural or store-bought. 


However, keep in mind that these only work if the cause of your baby’s rough and thin hair is due to genetics, heat, chemicals or over-washing. If their hair problems are due to diet, then read below on how you can provide a better diet for your baby.


Before listing any products, make sure your baby doesn’t have any allergies and if they do, make sure to check the ingredients list on these products to be safe.


These products are specially made for babies and are meant to be gentle by providing nutrients for their hair externally and keeping it moisturized.

Store-bought products:

All of these shampoos are great to use for a baby’s hair as they are gentle and provide ample moisturizing for your toddler’s hair.


There is one thing that is more important than the type of shampoo you use and that is how often you use it. Only shampoo your baby’s hair once or twice a week. 


Doing it more can strip away natural oils and cause their scalp to dry out which leads to thin and rough hair.

However, if you wanna be on the safer side of products, there are some natural items you can use to help soften your baby’s hair and make it silky.


Many parents are often paranoid about using products from stores as they contain a lot of chemicals.


And that is exactly why many parents look for natural solutions to help them as it’s generally safer and sometimes even more effective.


The one problem with natural remedies for rough and thin hair is that this stuff can be super hard to find in some countries. I have tried to list where you can buy them online, however, it might not be available in your country.


Some natural remedies:

Use oils such as coconut oil and gently massage them onto your baby’s scalp. These types of oils generally help to moisturize their hair if it was stripped away from any oils. You can even use olive oil or Argan oil for this. Oiling their hair also helps to increase circulation in their scalp.


This is the same as doing an oil massage but is a bit of an alternative. Apply the butter after a shower and at night before they go to bed. It works wonders at moisturizing their hair.


There aren’t that many natural solutions that I know of, however, the ones listed do work quite well.


If you aren’t interested in applying anything externally, well then you can try fixing the next thing which might be causing rough and thin hair which is their diet. (Source)

Diet to help soften baby hair and get rid of the rough and thinness

Diet To Soften Baby Hair

Most people try to use products to fix their hair problems when the real issue is their diet. 


Diet can have a big impact on the quality of your hair and it can seriously degrade its quality. This can happen in babies if you just switched to solid foods and are unsure of what you should be feeding your baby.


Well here are some foods to help soften their hair:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Nuts
  • Grains

These are just some foods that doctors and some of my parent friends have recommended to me. There could be a huge list of all the other foods that help soften hair but this is the most I have.

If you are already feeding your baby a healthy diet, then the problem might be the way you treat their hair externally.

Make sure to try the oils or shampoos too as you might not know what the problem exactly is and usually it’s the least expected thing.

Why Does My Baby Still Have Rough And Thing Hair?

Have you tried absolutely all these solutions? And you still see no change?


Well, don’t worry as there are still a few last resort solutions that you can try. And also, maybe your baby just has hair like that naturally due to their genetics. 


This isn’t something you can really change but you can improve it a bit.


The first thing to do is give them a haircut. This allows new healthier hair to grow to replace the old unhealthy one.


Sometimes hair might not grow if it isn’t cut which is why you need to cut it so that new hair growth is promoted. 


I suggest finding a barber that specializes in babies. You might have one near you or just ask around if you have some friends who have had kids.


You could also use a regular barber if you trust them but as we all know babies are super gentle and move a lot so it’s often risky to cut their hair.


Now the second thing you can do is take your child to a doctor. A doctor/paediatrician will help you find the cause of your baby’s rough and thin hair.


They will ever offer a medical solution to help with the issue. 


Hopefully, this article helped you fix your baby’s rough and thin hair problems or I hope you were able to learn something new.

Wanting soft and silky hair for your baby is completely normal and is a good thing because in most cases it is healthy for your baby to have soft hair.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave them below!

Have you had to deal with rough hair before? Share your experience below!

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