11 Genius Tips To Go Grocery Shopping With An Infant

Grocery shopping can be fun, especially when you’re going all by yourself or probably with your partner. But as a new mother, grocery shopping with an infant can be overwhelming considering the many chores that new mothers face every day – chores like how to nurse and bathe the baby, how to clean the house, and also how to grocery shop with infant and not forgetting how to stay safe while shopping with your baby during this COVID -19 pandemic era.

The fact that the Covid-19 pandemic is still ravaging many countries makes it even more worrisome as getting out of the house with an infant is even scarier particularly for a first-time mom. However, the worst thing you can do about these all is to stay indoors and do nothing.

According to experts report, the best way to avoid transmission during the coronavirus outbreak is to order your groceries and have them delivered to your house. 

However, not every family can afford to have their grocery delivered at home. For instance, there are some homes such as those living away from where the delivery option is available and cannot secure a sought after delivery slot. 

That said, at some point as the outbreak continues to claim lives, you might need to step out into the real world to do some grocery shopping; sometimes with your infant, if you have no one to leave him with, and when that time comes, here are some tips on how to grocery shop with infant throughout Covid-19 lockdown.

How To Grocery Shop With Infant During The Coronavirus Outbreak 

There is no better way to keep your child safe from the pandemic than to leave him at home or with your partner or probably leave him with an adult in the car and go into the grocery store yourself. But, this is easier said than done, especially if you’re a single parent and your baby is not old enough to be left alone by himself. However, if you have to bring the child to the store, here are some steps to take to be safe

Contactless Pickup

As the world is witnessing a new change in the way we interact with each other even so many stores that are hitherto not doing pickup delivery are now doing so particularly the smaller stores. The contactless pickup is about you calling ahead to place an order and then the grocery shop manager will either send an employee to deliver the grocery to your car or they will have a neutral place where you will need to pick up your groceries.

This is a very safe way to shop with your child so you wont have to worry about getting in contact with other shoppers.

Pick the right time

Gone are those days when you can just grab your handbag and dash out to the store, yeah, those days are long gone. These days you are at the mercy of the government lockdown and also at the mercy of your child’s schedule. 

And it’s so much important if you consider these two factors before planning your next grocery trip. So, the best time to go grocery shopping with your infant is right after you feed the baby. 

You know sometimes babies get cranky when they haven’t eaten and this can affect your schedule, so its good that you feed him just before you head out so that while you’re shopping your baby will likely be fast asleep in his carrier throughout the entire trip and this will make your shopping easier and fun at the same time.

Wear your baby

Babies are just irresistible to touch especially when they are in close contact with people. To avoid people touching your baby while doing grocery shopping, its advisable to put on your baby wear. 

There are lots of reason why babywearing is important these days, apart from people transmitting the virus to the baby via touching, the closeness the babywear gives the baby makes him feel calm inside while at the same time it frees up your hand to do other things like pushing the grocery cart. 

Besides, babywearing discourage strangers from touching your baby

Go during off-peak hours. 

Social distancing is the norm of the day. In this age, many grocery stores only allow few shoppers in at the same time – to ensure safe social distance and not to spread the virus. Still, the best time to go shopping with infant is when the store is least likely to be filled up probably in the early morning. 

Although it is still advisable to call ahead and confirm the shop hours of operation because some retailers have adjusted their opening and closing hours to suit the lockdown regulation.

Disinfect Your Cart (or don’t use one). 

This is very important if you’re going to take your infant for grocery shopping; you need to make sure that the grocery cart you’ll be using is wiped clean with disinfectant. This is so because many other shoppers might have used the same cart and you know that touching a surface that has been touched by an infected person can transmit the virus – to you and to your baby. However, the best option apart from using the store grocery cart is to bring your basket or bag and make sure it did not touch other things while in the store.

Wear a mask or face covering. 

Another safe way to go grocery shopping with your baby is to keep to the regulation by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on putting on a face mask in public. 

Although if your baby is below 2 years, you cannot wear him a mask, even then putting on one yourself will save a life. And remember do not wear the mask down while in public as you might accidentally touch your face while trying to adjust the mask now and then.

Social distance. 

Do not rush alongside others to enter or exit the grocery store with your baby. Keep to social distancing. Keeping at least six feet away from the next person is a good way to keep the virus at bay and to keep you and your baby safe. If you are in a close aisle with another shopper, it’s good you go another route and shop for something else until you’re sure that there is enough space at least to contain two or more person 

Skip the gloves. 

Putting on hand gloves while going grocery shopping with your infant can cause you more harm than good. You might be tempted to wear gloves just so in case you have to shake someone or touch something that might be contaminated. The problem is that you can easily forget yourself and touch your baby with your gloved-hand which can cause cross-contamination to you and your baby.

Make sure the conveyer belt is disinfected. 

At times the cleaner attached with the cashier might not be there to clean the conveyor belt with disinfectant, if this is the case, dont be shy to ask the cashier to do it instead or find someone to do it. And if you think its something you can do yourself, just bring out your wipe and disinfect it and when done, use hand sanitizer to clean your hand before touching yourself.

Come prepared

You can never predict what your baby is going to do next, that is why you need to be prepared and pack some extras like extra diapers, extra feeding bottle (even when the child just finished eating) you can never tell when your child will wake up from sleep hungry earlier than normal and probably an extra pacifier ie if your child takes one.

Keep your cool

As much as it is fun to shop with your baby, it can be very stressful as well particularly when you have to keep safe and avoid been infected with the COVID-19 virus. There is a good chance that your baby is going to need your attention while at the grocery store and he might likely cry out if he feels more discomfort. Well, that’s what babies do – cry for attention. 

So in such a case, you might need to reschedule your visit to another day and take care of the baby or check for what is wrong with the baby. You don’t need to panic because of a baby cry.


In conclusion, if you have no one to leave your child with and you urgently need to restock your kitchen and fridge, it’s advisable to first make a call to the grocery store manager and ask if they can do home delivery, this way, you won’t expose your child to familiar shoppers who might likely want to touch your cute little baby – ask a friend to go with you so you could leave the child behind while you quickly go in to do the grocery yourself.

Coronavirus is real, make sure every time you return from grocery shopping with your infant, you wash your hand with soap and running water.

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