Why does my pregnant stomach feel sore? Are sore abs a sign of pregnancy? It feels like I’ve done sit ups even though I haven’t

Why Does My Pregnant Stomach Feel Like Sore Abs?

During my first pregnancy, I felt this extreme soreness in my abs. It felt like I just did a million sit-ups and my stomach was super sore after them but the thing was that I didn’t do any exercise at all.


If you also are feeling the same way, worry not because this article will explain everything for you!


Try to control the pain and read this article or get someone else to read it for you so that they can tell you the important bits.


I also wrote a short summary for those moms with a busy schedule so you can save some time instead of having to read through the whole article.

Your belly feels sore because your stomach is expanding to make space for the baby. This causes the muscles to break down and repair themselves which is also what happens when you do situps or crunches or any ab exercise. This is not something serious but if the pain is too much, consult with a doctor.

Believe it or not but it is completely normal for your belly to feel sore at any time during your pregnancy.

I first felt my tummy being sore at around 6 weeks into my pregnancy. However, I have also talked to mothers who had sore stomach muscles right at the start of their pregnancies.

Some of my mommy friends found out they were pregnant because they had sore abs and they knew they hadn’t done any exercise which could’ve caused them to be sore.

It’s kinda hard to give you a range of when your tummy will feel sore, however, most moms say that they feel it around 4-6 weeks of their pregnancy.

For some moms, it stops, while for others it continues on for a long time. You might get it at the most unexpected time or you might not even feel your abs being sore!

Woman has sore abs due to pregnancy.

How Long Will My Tummy Be Sore For?

Again this is different from mother to mother. Some moms that I’ve talked to have said that they’ve felt their belly be sore for a couple of weeks.


While other moms have said that their tummies have been sore for their whole pregnancy. Obviously, it’s not something you wanna go through for long but this is motherhood for you.


The worst part about it is that even if it lasts a week, it’ll feel like it lasted centuries. I don’t know why our brains work like this but I can guarantee you that you will feel like hell during it.


But hey! Don’t worry because it’s normal and eventually you will get used to it more or less.

How To Decrease The Pain Of My Sore Belly?

Everyone that has ever done any exercise knows that being sore is not something you can get rid of. It’s just something that happens and goes away after some time.


However, there are some things that you can do to decrease the pain and relax a bit. After all, anything to help decrease the pain is welcome.


  • Rest

This is one of the best things you can do. Just go sit down somewhere or take a nap. It might be more effective than you think. Make sure to get plenty of rest to help your abs heal faster.


  • Warm Bath Or Shower

Try going into a warm shower and just relaxing in there. It helps to loosen your muscles and help relieve your sore stomach. It won’t help make the pain go away but it will feel a lot better.


  • Regular Exercise

A lot of moms will stop any exercise once they get pregnant, however, that isn’t the best of ideas. Light exercise even during pregnancy is a good thing for you and your baby. Try finding an instructor who specializes in this type of stuff to guide you. 

  • Gentle Stretching

One thing most people forget to do after any exercise is to stretch. Stretching helps in recovery of your sore belly and has many long term benefits too. 


  • Eat lots of protein

Protein helps to repair muscles much faster. If you can eat foods such as meats, lentils, or yogurt which contain a lot of protein. This will help your sore belly for sure but it will take some time. (Source)

Are My Abs Supposed To Feel Sore When I’m Pregnant?

Well, there certainly isn’t a rule that your abs have to feel like you did a million crunches but many moms will feel like this during pregnancy.


And there actually is a really good reason as to why your pregnant stomach feels sore.


When you get pregnant, your belly starts to expand to accommodate for the baby inside you (or babies if you’re lucky).


This causes the muscles to tear and repair themselves constantly as your belly is expanding. 


Now if you’re a mom that used to workout frequently, you might observe that the same thing happens when you workout.


And you’re absolutely right! The same thing also happens when you exercise your abs. Your muscles will break down and repair itself to build up even stronger or larger in the case of a pregnancy.


Even if you’re a mom with amazing abs, you will still feel sore during pregnancy as your belly gets stretched a lot and causes it to tear but don’t worry because it does heal itself.

Are Sore Stomach Muscles A Sign Of Pregnany?

I don’t want to startle any women out there that have a sore stomach and make them think they are pregnant but let’s look at some scenarios.


Have you done any exercise recently? If you have, then maybe that’s why your abs are sore.


Have you lifted anything heavy recently? Or hit your belly on something? Well, then maybe that causes your belly to be sore.


There are also other medical reasons that can cause sore abs which are things that can be quite serious if not checked out. Read about them below!

Are Sore Abs Something To Worry About? Can It Be Harmful?

If your sore stomach wasn’t due to pregnancy, or any exercise, then the reason for it can be quite serious. 


These are things that you most likely need to get checked out with a doctor and make sure everything is good.


Here are some other reasons for a sore stomach:

  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

More commonly known as heartburn, this one gives you a burning sensation in your chest area and also makes your abs feel sore. This is certainly not due to pregnancy.


  • Soreness in Ulcers

The ulcers is basically a hole in the inner lining of your stomach. This is caused due to a certain bacteria and is certainly not at all related to pregnancy.


  • Pain in gallbladder

If you feel pain in your upper stomach area, you might have a gallstone.  Again, this isn’t because you’re pregnant.


  • Mental reasons

Many people will often feel sore in their stomach due to stress or anxiety. It is a common issue that many people face and can be even more if you are pregnant.


All these reasons should absolutely be shown to a doctor as they can be pretty serious. Especially if it’s due to mental reasons, you should be seeking a therapist.


Mental health is no joke and you should be looking out for yourself especially during a pregnancy.

Should I Consult A Doctor If My Pregnant Stomach Feels Sore?

Yes, you should. Even if you think it is just because you’re pregnant, it’s better to get it checked out. 


Your doctor might be able to offer you medication if your soreness gets too out of hand during your pregnancy.


As with any issue, it’s always better to consult with your doctor. You never know what the issue could be unless you get it checked out.


Hopefully, this article helped you out along with the tips I provided to help relieve the soreness. It certainly is painful dealing with sore abs while you are pregnant as it just adds on to the list of pain you have to deal with.


However, don’t worry much because it is natural and many moms feel soreness in their stomachs during pregnancies.


How have your experiences as a pregnant mom been with sore abs? Were you lucky enough to not have to deal with them?


Share your thoughts and experiences below!

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