Can pedialyte be used for constipation?

Does Pedialyte Help With Constipation?

Parents often have a lot of fears when they are faced with a medical issue related to their babies. Constipation is one of these issues.


One of the questions I had was if Pedialyte could help with constipation because I didn’t want to give me too many unnecessary things.

Yes, Pedialyte does help with constipation in infants! Make sure to give your child the correct dosage to be on the safe side. You can also try apple juice or prune juice mixed with water for your child. Always check with your pediatrician if you sense something is wrong.

The short answer: Yes. However, the long answer is that Pedialyte will work if your child is constipated due to not being hydrated enough.


If your child is constipated due to other reasons, then Pedialyte will not work for them. The reason for this is that Pedialyte helps to hydrate a baby.


It has a mix of electrolytes and sugars that helps to rehydrate your baby’s body. Now, of course drinking water could also help hydrate your baby but babies generally can’t consume enough water to meet their needs.


Which is where things like Pedialyte come into play. It is similar to a sports drink, however, Pedialyte has a much higher amount of sodium which is much better for kids compared to regular sports drinks.


Please do not feed your baby a sports drink because although it is similar to Pedialyte, the chemical makeup is quite different and affects babies differently.


Make sure to feed your child the right amount of Pedialyte as advised on the bottle or follow your doctor’s instructions.


However, if you do not have Pedialyte on hand, there are many other solutions you can try that are prescribed by many doctors. I list some of them down below.

Alternative Solutions For Constipations

If you don’t have Pedialyte on hand or your baby can’t consume it due to allergies then don’t worry because we have some other ways you can also stop your baby’s constipation!


These are methods that your doctor will often tell you to try and they are also natural. However, make sure your baby isn’t also allergic to any of the listed solutions.


Some alternate ways to fix constipation:

  • Prune juice

Make sure to dilute it in some water at first and feed your baby the mixture. Some people recommend not diluting with water but it’s better to start off slow.


If you are unsure about how much to use, start off with 1 ounce of prune juice and 1 ounce of water or 30 mL of prune juice and 30 mL of water.


If that doesn’t work, you can try using more juice the next day to see if it works. Don’t overdo it.


  • Apple juice

  • Watermelon juice

  • Pear Juice

Follow the same procedures as listed for the prune juice for the above-listed juices.


It is better to use fresh juice if possible as it will contain fewer chemicals and more healthy sugars which is good for your baby.


You can also try with other fruits that are sweet because the main ingredient that helps with constipation is sugar. Just make sure not to go overboard as it could cause more problems so start with small amounts.


For example, some people have used tangerines as their child really liked them. Use whatever you think will work best with your child.


Some parents that I know have even used fruit juice from the store and diluted it with water to feed their child.


You could try this but this isn’t a solution recommended by doctors.

Constipated Infants And Toddlers

It is really hard for a parent to notice when their child is constipated and the fact that most children cannot speak for themselves makes this much harder.

How To Know If Your Child Is Constipated?

There is no sure way of knowing when your baby is constipated unless you notice that your baby has not pooped in a while. As parents, we know that infants do not poop every day.


Their poops happen after their feeding or even 2-3 times a week which is completely normal.


However, there is a problem if your baby poops once every week or two weeks. At this point, you should be worried because something is going on.


You might also notice that your baby might be having pain while pooping which they show by crying or through discomfort on their faces. Another common issue due to constipation is tearing around their anus.


Along with that, your baby most likely has hard stools if they are constipated. If you notice any of these things, your toddler is most likely constipated.

How Does Constipation Affect A Child?

If you were to ask a doctor, constipation is quite normal among infants around the world. It is something that every parent will have to deal with at least once with their babies.


When a baby is constipated, poop will start to collect in their intestines as they try to hold back the poop due to pain. This causes the poop to increase in size as they keep holding on to it.


Due to this poop, they will feel belly pain and lose control over their poop. Another thing that happens during this time is water stools trying to force their way out of the body.


It does this by forcing its way around the poop already stuck there which can cause even more pain and a lot of mess. A problem like this might last for a long time, even until they start school. (source)

Pedialyte can be used for constipation, however, there are also many other solutions that can be used such as prune juice or apple juice.

What Causes Constipation In Infants?

There are many reasons to why your baby might be constipated. Many of these are reasons that you might not expect as a parent and it might even be surprising to some.


The main issue we are focusing on in this article is dehydration. A lot of babies will have constipation as they start switching their foods but I have included other causes so that you can evaluate yourself.


Here are some causes for constipation:

  • Fear of toilets

Some kids might be scared of the toilet which causes them to stop themselves from passing any poop or they might be scared of a public washroom if they need to poop somewhere in public.


  • Diet changes

When infants start their switch from a diet of milk and formula to solid foods, it can cause a loss of hydration in their bodies. This leads to harder stools due to less water in their body.


  • Medications

  • Medical Conditions

  • Not enough water 

The colon will also suck up any water from the poop which will make the poop even more hard leading to more problems. (Source)


So, yeah, Pedialyte does help with constipation but there are also other methods u can use that will help to fix your baby’s constipation.


You can try any that seems fit to you and your baby or its best to consult with your child’s doctor first for more professional advice.


Do you have suggestions for constipation solutions or want to share your experience? Share them below!

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