Top 7 Impressive Non-Wifi Baby Monitors – Buying Guide 2020

Are you looking for the best non-wifi baby monitor to check on your baby activity while you’re busy taking care of other chores? Baby monitors make parenting easy and it gives parents the peace of mind they need to look after their babies – not only do these monitors help parents to hear when their baby needs their attention but parents can also detect when their babies stir during sleep. 

The baby monitors come in two parts – one unit for the parent while the other is placed in the baby’s room. Although there are lots baby monitor without wifi to choose from but knowing which of them will serve you best is of importance. That is why we have compiled these 7 best baby monitors that comes with the richest features to make sure your baby is secure and you also have the peace of mind you deserve as a parent.

7 Best Non-Wifi Baby Monitors For 2020

ProductFeatures/SpecificationsOur Rating!Buy Here!
  • Night vision
  • Easy To Use
  • Impressive battery

  • Great guarantee
  • Dual microphones
  • Private transmission

  • Split screen
  • Quite cheap for what you get
  • Lullaby

  • Auto tilt
  • High quality image
  • Mount anywhere

  • Great alarm
  • 1000 Ft range
  • Night light

  • Long battery
  • Movement sensor
  • Wide angle view

  • Temperature sensor
  • Lullabies
  • Easy to install

  • Infant Optics DXR-8

    if you’re the type that loves the kinds of monitors that can remotely tilt, pan, and zoom the camera to check in on your baby’s activities while you’re not there, the Infant Optics DXR-8 is the right one to go for.

    This baby monitor without wifi is specially designed with key features that make parenting exciting and worthwhile. Although a bit pricier than many other babies monitors out there, however, its functionality and versatility are exceptional and it comes quite reasonably priced. It is unarguably one of the best baby monitors that doesn’t use wifi you can invest in today and its performance will give you peace of mind including your baby’s safety.

    Its features are just right for you and you don’t need to worry about the setup as it is ready for use right out of the box and it has a battery lifespan that can last you almost 10 hours per charge.

    The Infant Optics DXR-8 is designed as a non-internet mode so you can have your delay-free playback if you need to and it also has rich security against hackers trying to access the device feed. Its camera also features an interchangeable lens model which means it comes with a normal camera lens and an optical zoom lens while the wide-angle lens can be bought separately. 

    Also, this baby monitor is a buyer’s choice as it also includes other rich features like the two-way talk, alarm feature, night vision, and a remote thermometer.

    Setup Process:

    The manual that comes with the kit is very easy to read and it also includes how to troubleshoot any problems that could likely come up. You need to fully charge the battery to give it a good battery life and if you’re planning on using the optical zoom lens, you just need to twist that into the camera and you’re good to go.

    If you intend to place the monitor on a shelf or a ledge, you can easily do this and be done in less than a minute and if you prefer to mount it on the wall, the slots at the back plus the screws and anchor is just enough to hold it firmly on the wall.


    The DXR-8 is a solid baby monitor that is specially designed to be user friendly with an antenna monitor of 4.88 x 3.13 x .88 inches and a horizontal 3.5-inch screen and the buttons on the monitor is straightforward and very easy to navigate

    The menu button is meant for adjusting the volume, brightness, zoom, alarm, adding and deleting extra camera shots, and also the sleep mode delay. Just click on the menu and you will be able to navigate either to the left or the right when you click on the respective icons while the up and down arrow is best for adjusting the settings and you can also talk to your baby through the camera speaker.

    The camera is also specially made to easily adjust via the monitor when the baby moves to any area of the crib and the camera is of about 4 x 2.5 inches and its super sturdy, you can pan and tilt (it using the up, down, right, left arrows) and zoom. This is quite a feature that helps parents to monitor their baby’s sleeping pattern or when the baby moves from one location to another within its crib. 

    Also, the camera has this green light on that indicates that it’s working as it should.

    If your camera position is a bit far from your baby’s crib, the optical zoom lens feature gives it an additional benefit to zoom in on the baby and get to have a clear view of the baby. Please note that for better clarity and view, your positioned camera and your baby crib should not be more than 3 feet away from each other and make sure the monitor is out of baby’s reach. 

    However, if you have a mobile toddler and you want to overall his activities, investing in the wide-angle lens which comes separately from the kit is just what you need to keep watch over your child. Besides, the wide-angle lens is inexpensive.

    Features: Sound sensor, night vision, and more

    The bar to the left of the screen which is the sound activated LED indicator allows you to see if or when the child is crying although it does not show a motion sensor it has additional features like the thermometer that shows the room temperature where the baby is placed (Celsius or Fahrenheit) and an automatic invisible infrared night vision. 

    The non-wifi baby camera also has a sleep mode feature that can be activated by the ON/OFF button switch at the top which cuts the video feed but still makes the audio transmittable.

    Video and Audio Quality: Solid

    The video is top-notch quality as it clearly shows the feed throughout the day and night (the night vision was very clear thanks to the night vision feature) and the audio was clear as well even when the volume was turned low.

    Range: Not the best, but not the worst

    However, the range poses a little drawback (this is one area that could use improvement) There was a bit of spotty connection between the camera and the monitor when it was taken across the 1,000 sq ft apartment. So when it’s out of range, the video will cut out and a warning sign will show up on your screen and the device will continue beeping every 30 seconds until there is reconnection.

     Battery Life: Impressive

    The battery is designed to last very long especially when it is fully charged before its first use, it has a LED bar to the right of the button indicating the level of charging, it can stay up to 10-12 hrs before it needs to be charged again.


    • Easy to install
    • Easy to operate
    • quality sound and picture
    • Excellent night vision


    • Beeping alarm is awful
    • The power cord is a bit difficult to snug into the monitor

    Babysense Video Baby Monitor

    Parents will give anything to make sure that their baby is well protected and secure from accidents especially when they are not around to watch. One of the best ways to monitor your baby while they sleep is to install a baby monitor without wifi. These revolutionary devices have been used in many homes and they are proving popular by the day. 

    They come easily connected to your baby’s room without you needing wifi to see or communicate with the baby. And if your the type that just loves having a device that can tell you what your baby is doing without you being there physically, then the Babysense Video Baby monitor is just might be what you need.

    The Babysense video baby monitor is specially packed full with lots of features that make watching out for your infant less stressful. The video monitor is specially built with a 2.4 inch LCD screen so you can easily watch your baby sleep in the crib so you can rest assured that the baby is not needing attention.

    The monitor boasts of a two-way talk system and a night vision feature including features like temperature monitoring, optical lens zoom, voice-activation mode, and much more.

    Setup Process: Quick and easy

    The non-wifi baby monitor is very easy to install – right from the box it consists of the parent unit which functions like a normal baby monitor only this one comes with a screen added to it. the baby unit looks more like a camera with a speaker and a microphone – it even has a button that when you press it, it makes you talk to your baby including two power adapters. 

    The parent unit comes with a built-in lithium-ion battery so it can easily get charged and be carried around just make sure to fully charge the battery before its first use to take advantage of its full power. 

    The baby units can be placed on top of a shelf or a flat surface or it can easily be mounted on a wall. The good thing about this monitor is that although there is no instructional manual on how to mount it on a wall, it is no brainer as all necessary kit for mounting are right there, however, if you ever encounter any issue while trying to install the monitor (which is very rare) there is a troubleshooting manual that comes along the product.

    One feature that many parents like about the Babysense video baby monitor is the lullaby feature. This feature helps put your baby to sleep quicker by playing soft music to your baby while he falls asleep. 

    and if you’re the type that likes to set reminders, the monitor comes with an alarm feature so you can set an alarm to remind you of the next feed time for your baby. And probably while you’re busy with other activities somewhere in another room, the LED indicator light will flash if there is a noise from the baby’s room. 

    The monitor also comes with a unique feature that helps you monitor the temperature of your baby’s room, this way, you easily get to know if the baby’s room suddenly gets too hot so you can turn on the AC. And for the parent unit, you don’t necessarily need to carry it on your body all the time like for instance if you need to lay down on your bed, the device has a useful stand you can easily place by your bedside when you sleep for the night.

    And if you’re looking for a non-wifi baby camera, built to save you power when your baby is sleeping peacefully, the Babysense video baby monitor is specially built to automatically turn off and save power and when sound is detected from your child’s room and the baby wakes up or make noise, the screen will immediately switch back on.


    While the baby unit is plugged into the wall socket, the parent unit is the one that is powered by a battery. The parent unit uses a lithium-ion battery to keep the unit working all through and a single charge can take you up to 8-10 hours.


    This baby monitor app that doesn’t need wifi is one of the cheapest yet comes with many unique features that make it stand out from the crowd. You can easily get this baby monitor around $60 which is very cheap compared to some other monitors. 

    To be candid for what this device costs, it does more than what it’s been sold for, and to make everything so juicy for buyers, the Babysense Video baby monitor comes with a one year warranty so in case of any defect, it can be replaced instantly.

    Safety: Private transmission

    Also, this device uses a 2.4GHz digital wireless transmission instead of using a Wi-Fi which is said to be susceptible to hackers and can be manipulated by internet outages. Although this could mean a less reliable connection but compare with the feature this device comes with, many parents don’t mind this drawback 


    • 45-day Peace of Mind money-back Guarantee
    • 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty
    • 24/7 human support
    • Easy to operate and setup
    • Free shipping within the US
    • Great product for the money
    • Good picture and sound quality
    • Dual microphone


    • No auto tilt and pan

    MoonyBaby Digital Video Baby Monitor

    If you’re looking for a cheap baby monitor that does almost everything a baby monitor without wifi can do, then the budget-friendly MoonyBaby video baby monitor is your answer. This baby monitor device costs way less than other models and it comes with a compact screen that you can carry everywhere within the house and it boasts of an impressive 1,000-foot range in an open area.

    You don’t need this baby monitor to get connected to the internet and you can start using it right out of the box. It has a battery power of more than 6 hours when in power save mode and it works so well that it can by itself trigger on and off depending on the baby’s activity. 

    For instance, it automatically triggers ON when the baby is crying and when the baby stops crying and sleep peacefully in his crib, the monitor shuts down to a power-saving mode to save the battery. 

    This device is packed full with useful features that parents would just love – from voice activation to auto night vision and even automatic scanning for people with more than one camera. The camera comes with 2x remote zooming capability, making it a delightful device in the hands of parents looking to watch over their baby while sleeping.

    This MoonyBaby digital video baby monitor is one of the few popular nonwifi baby cameras available for purchase on the market which is very reasonably priced.

    This is one device that guarantees your privacy using 100 percent wireless technology – just a two-way communication between the camera and the monitor. It works great when used indoors between upstairs and downstairs and it comes in 2.4GHz which means it will be free from an external interrupt or difficult to get hacked into. It’s just so good to have this type of baby monitor because you don’t need to be online or have an internet connection to use this device.

    You can easily communicate with your baby if you are not in the room with him because of its two-way communication capability and if you feel you need to zoom in for closer inspection of your child, you can do this with ease and it has a universal layout that helps you to mount the device at strategic places in the baby’s room for better viewing.

    The baby monitor includes a 4.3 sizeable LCD full-color screen with nighttime vision and it has a 1,000 feet zooming range and if you are the busy type, you don’t necessarily have to be in the same room with your baby to communicate, you can soft-talk, soothe your baby or perhaps speak with your spouse on what needs to be done just by using this device.

    Although the battery life is not that superb which is very contrary to what the manufacturer claims, with what you are paying to purchase this device, it’s just worth every penny.

    If you’re in the market for the best non-wifi baby monitor to track your child’s activity while you’re busy with other activities, the MoonyBaby video monitor is a good option as it comes very cheap compared to other baby monitors and it also has great lots of features which makes it stand out among other models.

    The large LCD screen displays exceptional video quality with amazingly great color and the fact that this device is fitted with an exceptional night vision so you may be able to view in low light vision makes this baby monitor without internet a good purchase.

    Sometimes it’s just so good to have a baby monitor at home especially if you have an infant to look after – it could be a matter of life and death just being on the baby’s side at the right moment. The thought of having to see your baby while sleeping and having to know exactly when he’s awake is just too exciting for parents who are very concerned about the wellbeing of their infant when they are not close enough to be by their side.

    This baby monitor is the assurance many parents have been looking for which in my opinion is well worth the cost. 

    Here are some pros of this device

    Very cheap – for a device of this many features including dual camera you will think it’s going to be very expensive but for less than $130 you can purchase this baby monitor that doesn’t require wifi and have it all set up instantly. 

    Split-Screen Viewing – While some baby monitors support up to 4 cameras but the video footage will need to be toggled from one footage to another whereas, the MoonyBaby video monitor is specially built to view footages of two or more cameras in just one screen but you will only be able to hear audio from one of the cameras and not all the camera at the same time.

    Lullaby – Sometimes baby can prove very difficult to put to sleep and that’s where this device is just so good. The MoonyBaby comes with 5 inbuilt lullabies that can help your baby go to sleep without you worrying or stressing yourself on the type of bed song to sing for your baby.

    VOX – This is a voice-activated device that can also be an added benefit to your battery life and also reduces EMF emission that your baby can easily get exposed to.

    Long Range – This device comes with a 1,000 feet range coverage (outdoor) and 200-300 ft range for indoor viewing.

    Zoom – Is very easy to zoom in on your baby to get closer details on his activities


    Battery life – The drawback to this device is the battery life as most customers say this is just one reason why they think this device is not the best, while some say the battery life doesn’t extend more than 2 hours of usage, others say they were able to use it for close to 4 hours before it starts beeping (loudly) which can wake up the sleeping baby. 

    However, to counter this drawback, the manufacturer added 3 adapters – one for each of the two cameras and one for the baby unit. So with the price that this baby monitor is sold for, this is better than most models out there and if you are worried about the battery life of this device, you can easily use an AC power and have it plugged in all the time.

    Durability – This device is known to easily break if it falls from a higher surface like a shelf or table.

     Eufy Security Spaceview S Video Monitor

    There are lots of good baby monitors out there in the market but just a few of them are very exceptional. And if you’re the type that is not too concerned about how the baby camera is mounted but rather will prefer a baby monitor without internet that has lots of premium features at a very affordable price, the Eufy Baby video monitor might just be the right baby monitor for your home.

    This is one of the few incredible babies monitors out there and it is specially built with good night vision, solid design, and a superb reception to give you outstanding functionalities.

    If you want to know what features make this device a household name among parents and how you can use it to monitor your baby, this in-depth review will highlight the great feature this baby monitor has and why you need to have one for your baby today.

    One great reason to buy this baby camera without wifi is that you can start using the device right out of the box – the setup is as easy as ABC. All you need is to plug in the adapter and you’re good to go.

    The non-wifi capability makes operating the unit very simple for a beginner who has no prior understanding of how these baby monitors work.

    Wider and Extensive Viewing Range

    Another benefit this baby monitor offers is that its view is wider than just the crib, the view covers more of the whole nursery with 330-degree coverage and 110-degree tilt, it makes it very possible to view the whole room. 

    This view makes it much fun connecting with your baby by being there when he/she needs you. Also, the camera on the parents unit comes with a wide-angle lens making it a solid device when used during the daytime. And the two-way talk and the zoom makes communication between the mom and the baby very simple even when they are not in the same room.

     You Get a 460-ft Range

    Although not the best when compared with other models because its a bit lower, although you don’t need to test this range out if you are outdoor or you are the traveling type, you definitely will notice this drawback. 

    But for those who live in small apartments, the signal reception is just great, and therefore getting all the video feeds including instant alert will be straightforward and smooth. However, as i said earlier, if you are on a trip or always traveling i won’t recommend this device if your baby is not close enough from you.

     Superb Audio Monitoring

    This device also comes with excellent audio monitoring feature which offers an option to turn off the video and only rely on the audio capability and will alert you every time your baby is crying and needs your attention, this feature is just ideal for those who are always in the kitchen or somewhere else in the room and doesn’t like carrying the device everywhere they go.

     Who’s the Eufy Spaceview for?

    There are lots of baby monitor without wifi that is sold more expensive than the Eufy Security Video monitor and they have features that are not too impressive, some are quite slow, while some lack in-depth picture quality to compensate for their high cost and it’s quite certain you won’t want to pay so much for less feature. 

    However, if you are the type that understands what EMF (ElectroMotive Force) is and you are a bit worried about its effect on your baby, this baby video monitor has the qualities and features that are guaranteed to keep your baby safe and give you the peace of mind you desire.

    This baby monitor that doesn’t use the internet is one of the best non-wifi baby monitors you can purchase at a reasonable price and its features match the best on the market in terms of quality and reliability. 

    The Eufy video monitor comes in a 5-inch display and a 720p picture quality that makes video monitoring exciting and fun which is something that is lacking in many other models. so for better picture quality and wider viewing screen, this unit is just perfect for you besides, the screen is much bigger than most baby monitor screen out there.


    • Quality image and sound production
    • Good transmission range
    • Auto pan /tilt
    • Easy to operate and setup
    • Mount on any surface


    • No recording capability
    • No lullabies or white noise.

    DBPower Video Baby Monitor

    If you’re looking for a baby monitor without wifi that supports unlimited video recording with a 32GB of SD cards then the DBPower Video Baby Monitor is a good option. The monitor is specially built to let you record high-quality digital videos of your baby which is what most parents wanted – a monitor with a crystal clear recording.

    Just like other top baby monitors that don’t require wifi, the DBPower also utilizes the 2.4GHz wireless transmission so that your digital encryption is private and the monitor screen is fitted with a 4.3-inch LCD color display with a 640x480p resolution so you can observe your baby’s activities.

    The device is fully fitted with an advanced alarm system that shows when your baby is crying or when the battery has run down and about to die or when your range is out of coverage even the temperature alert is enabled on this device. 

    Just know that the advanced alarm system on DBPower Video Monitor has both the audio and visual alert systems. Also not forgetting that this monitor also has other super-rich features including temperature sensor, a nightlight, soft lullabies, multi-camera support (support up to 4 cameras) two-way talk, etc all these make using the DBPower Video Baby Monitor a convenient for every parent.

    The good thing about this monitor is that is has a long-range of 1000 ft which is ideal if you’re outdoor camping or traveling, this way you get to see your baby activities even when your a bit farther from where the baby crib is located and it has a one-year money-back warranty which makes it safe for parents who are looking for a monitor with these capabilities but also an assurance that it can be returned if it did not work as advertised.


    • advance alarm system
    • 1000 ft range
    • integrated lullabies
    • night light


    • easy to operate
    • excellent night vision
    • split-screen function
    • support multiple cameras


    • some parents complain that the battery life is disappointing

    Panasonic Video Baby Monitor

    If you are the type that loves your baby monitor to have an exceptional transmission range of more than what is offered on the market, using the Panasonic Video Baby Monitor gives you that added advantage of extra-wide coverage. 

    Boasting a transmission range of 1500 ft, this baby monitor uses the DECT technology to deliver interference-free, clear, secure signals which is almost twice the distance offered by most baby monitors out there.

    Apart from the mind-blowing transmission range it offers, this monitor also has what it takes to look after your baby wherever the baby roo is with a 3.5-inch color monitor, your video is bound to be crystal clear to see every part of the room including the baby cribs so you can comfortably monitor what your baby is doing now and then.

    Also, the night vision feature makes this monitor stand solidly high among other monitors; during darkness time, it’s wide-angled, wall mounted night vision camera is specially built to give you a clear night vision so you can observe everything your baby is doing in the dark.

    The two-way talk feature in this device helps you communicate effortlessly with your baby when you’re not in the same room with him/her and still afford you to go on with your daily chores without needing to rush to your bay’s room to soothe or calm the baby.

    The integrated built-in lullaby library is filled with soft soothing music for your baby including the white noise for calming down the baby to sleep and you can auto set the lullaby songs to start playing immediately when a movement is detected in the baby’s room/crib.

    Unlike many other baby monitors without wifi, this one offers a long-lasting battery life so that you can monitor your baby’s activities for a little while longer. The battery delivers close to 13 hours of standby time including another 5 hours of continuous usage in or outside the house.


    • weight of 1.7 pounds
    • Distance of 1500 ft range
    • Integrated lullaby library
    • Night vision
    • wide-angle view
    • two-way talk


    • longer battery life
    • easy to setup
    • extra-long range transmission
    • sound/movement sensor
    • superb picture quality


    • Night vision is not impressive

    Dragon Touch DT24 Wireless Video Baby Monitor

    If you’re on a tight budget and you’re searching for a baby monitor that doesn’t come with the internet, there are varieties of pocket-friendly monitors out there on the market and they might just have the features you are looking for in a baby monitor. 

    For instance, the Dragon Touch Wireless Baby Monitor is one of the most affordable baby monitors for parents on a shoestring budget.

    This monitor is not different from others who use the 2.4 GHz wireless technology. The DT24 uses a highly secured non-interference communication to deliver a quality transmission range of up to 900 ft coverage which is ideal if you want to work around the house without losing contact with your baby.

    The monitor comes fully fitted with a 2.4-inch color LED screen which makes the visual crystal clear and it also comes with a built in2x digital zoom which helps to zoom for a closer look at your baby and just like the models described above, this monitor also has infrared night vision which offers a nighttime visual view of your baby’s room and its surroundings.

    Although a very cheap monitor compared to others listed above, the features with this monitor help it to make the list of the best non-wifi baby monitors for 2020 such features like the nightlight that helps your baby to sleep peacefully without the fear of darkness, a to-way talkback system, preprogrammed lullabies, temperature monitoring, and alarm settings.

    This Dragon Touch DT24 baby camera without wifi is just great to have if you are on a tight budget but looking for a monitor with premium rich features.


    • Weight 15.2 ounces
    • transmission range 900ft
    • 2.4 color screen display
    • nightlight vision
    • pre-programmed lullabies
    • Temperature sensor
    • Alarm setting


    • Budget-friendly
    • excellent night vision mode
    • excellent picture quality
    • Excellent quality microphone
    • Easy installation


    • Short battery life
    • Small LED screen display

    What To Look For In A Baby Monitor App That Doesn’t Need Wifi? – Buying Guide 2020

     Here are some important considerations you need to take when looking for the best non-wifi baby monitor for your baby.

    Secure Transmission

    Your baby deserves the best-secured communication device while growing up and you need to find a baby monitor that offers secured wireless transmission that is very difficult for a third party lurker to access. Baby monitors without the internet are some of the most secure, safest monitors out here that use a 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology which helps in changing frequency channels and making it hard for hackers to hack your baby monitor.

    Transmission Coverage 

    Another important component of a good baby monitor is the range the baby monitor can cover. There are different kinds of baby monitors and what differentiates many of them among other things is the range the monitor can cover to still maintain clear reception and video quality. 

    ideally what you want in a baby monitor without the internet is a device that can help you to look after your baby from anywhere you are in the house.

    So, if you look through many of the baby monitors on the market, you will discover those baby monitors with good transmission differ from one model to another.

    Some models feature a 1000 ft transmission overage which offers good outdoor coverage for your baby especially when you’re on travel. A good example is the Panasonic Video Baby Monitor  while there are some with 500 ft wide-angled coverage which is also fantastic for indoor monitors. take for instance the Eufy Baby video monitor.

    Night Capability

     Some baby monitors don’t come with night vision, and that is, when it’s night time, it’ll be very difficult to get a good view of what is happening to your baby. I don’t see many mothers opting for this option. What is ideal is to search for a baby monitor that delivers crystal clear videos at night. 

    So you need to read the product label and also read about what users say about how the baby monitor works during the night or in dark rooms.

    Two-way talk feature

    There is no doubt that every mother has there a unique soothing voice that has a positive impact on their babies, therefore, it is important while choosing the baby monitor that it doesn’t require the internet that the monitor comes built with two-way talk feature which is so cool when you can talk to your baby and soothe/calm him/her to sleep when she’s crying.

    This feature is sure going to make being a parent so much fun.

    Camera expandability

    If you’re planning to view more than one room then its okay to purchase a monitor that supports multiple cameras. If you’re running a nursery with lots of babies and you need to cover multiple rooms, some non-wifi baby monitors are fully customized and built with 4 cameras to offers simultaneous baby room viewing.

    So if you have twins to support or plan to set up a commercial nursery make sure that you go for monitors with multiple camera features and it will save you on additional camera expenses.

    Battery Life

    Having a baby monitor that has a long battery power is perhaps one of the most important factors to consider before purchasing a baby monitor without wifi as this will determine how efficient the monitor is. Make sure you search around for a baby monitor that has a long battery life, at least you will need a battery that will give you up to 8 – 10 hours to be considered ideal. 

    So the longer the lifespan the better.

    Also, to take advantage of your battery staying longer than expected, make sure the baby monitor comes with a power-saving mode so that when there is no activity in your baby’s room, it automatically goes on idle mode and instantly it picks up a movement or sound it switches back to life, this way, it gets to preserve your battery while its on idle mode.

    Room Temperature feature

    If having to track the temperature of your baby’s room sounds ideal, then some models are built with room temperature features that make you know when to ON or OFF the AC appliance in case of the room temperature changes whichever way.

    Lullaby Tones 

    There are times you will not be in the same room with your baby and he/she might need your attention, turning on the soft lullaby tones are just ideal to calm the baby and stop him/her from crying.

    Night Light

    Some babies just don’t like being in the dark, especially when they’re all by themself, however, if you’re looking for a baby camera, it’s ideal you also check out a baby monitor that has the night light feature which will not make the baby room total darkness. This way, it will make the baby sleep peacefully and not be afraid of the darkness.


    Buying a product that the manufacturer can boast of money-back guarantee or a warranty just adds up to what makes a good baby monitor purchase. It means your buying into a risk-free investment.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

    Q: What’s the best baby monitor without the internet?

     There are different baby monitor app that doesn’t need wifi on the market for buyers. They come with completely different sets of features, costs, transmission range, picture qualities, screen sizes, and other premium features.

    For this reason, it will be difficult to term just one of the the “best” as they all have their uniqueness and functionality

    However, if you want a baby monitor that offers you the best in terms of privacy, super sound and video quality and ease of use, we highly suggest you choose the Panasonic baby monitor

     Q: How do non-wifi baby monitors work?

     There are two kinds of non-wifi baby monitors out there and they fall under the digital and analog monitors. 

    While the analog monitors use the radio frequency which is usually between 49MHz to 900MHz to send audio and video 

    signal to the receiving unit as shown by the camera, the digital non-wifi baby camera work through digital signals and recorded audio and video by the camera is sent to the parent unit as a discrete number.

    Q: Can non-wifi baby monitors be hacked?

    Hacking a non-wifi baby monitor is a bit difficult for a would-be hacker if he lacks the right hacking equipment and besides, the encrypted digital signal transmitted by these monitors is hardcoded which makes it very difficult to have it hacked by a non-dedicated hacker. Most non-wifi baby monitors maintain the same FSHH technology which is the most popular encryption for securing a two-way talk transmission between mother and baby.

    This is not to say that a targeted hacker cannot hack this encryption or gain access to see or hear what your baby monitor is recording or transmitting.

    However, the best baby video monitors without wifi are some of the hardest monitors to attack compared to wifi models.

    Q: What’s the best long-range non-wifi baby monitor?

     There are baby monitors that come with long-range capabilities however, this will greatly depend on the model of the baby monitor. For instance, the DBPower baby monitor comes fully fitted with a 1000 ft range camera and there are still some monitors that transmit the signal to a distance that is farther than 2000 ft and their coverage is still crystal clear.

    Q: Can the Infant Optics DXR 8 be hacked?

    Up to date, there is no single reported case of the Infant Optic DXR ever getting hacked. And just as explained earlier, the encryption technology behind the transmission is super coded and it will be very difficult for non targeted hackers to break into the monitor and steal information. It’s a very safe monitor for parents to have in their baby’s room with a 100% guarantee protection and privacy.

    Q: Where can I get a cheap baby camera without wifi?

    For those on a tight budget, there are still other safe and secure non wifi baby cameras with a decent performance that can make parenting fun and easy. For instance, you can get a monitor without wifi on Amazon. Here you will find lots of different non-wifi baby monitors with different specifications and prices and you will see a product that suits you and your baby’s need

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