Enfamil A.R. Baby Formula Review. Best for babies with spit up

Enfamil A.R. Baby Formula Review – 2020

If you’re also a new parent trying to read all the reviews about every formula just to find the best one for your baby. Well, I hope this review of Enfamil’s A.R. baby formula is helpful.

I’ve read experiences from other parents along with my own experience with this formula which I share below. There are many things you need to consider when choosing a formula because they are made with specific reasons in mind such as medical conditions.

What Is Enfamil A.R. Baby Formula?

It’s a formula that was made specifically for babies that spit up and it has been clinically proven to help babies out. Generally, most parents will add rice cereal to the formula to prevent spit up, however, that is really bad in terms of nutrition for the child as it dilutes the formula.

A formula like this combines the nutritional value of a regular formula and also adds the benefit of preventing spit up in babies. Enfamil also has quite a large reputation for formulas and is generally known to have good quality formulas. 

Who Is Enfamil A.R. Formula For?

As you read above, this formula is for babies that spit up or have reflux. It has all the right nutrients for a baby before their first birthday along with prebiotics, DHA, and ARA. These nutrients are present in most formulas but not all formulas help with reducing spit up!

It also has a much thicker consistency compared to most formulas but it still manages to flow through most nipples quite easily. The nipple I used which were size 2 allowed the formula to flow through quite easily. If you have troubles, upgrading the nipple size is a good choice. 

It also includes the right blend of nutrients to help with digestive health. As babies are growing, their digestive system changes a lot as it continues to develop. This can cause quite a bit of problems with different formulas but this formula helps to reduce most of those effects.

Standout Features Of Enfamil A.R. Baby Formula!

There are numerous things that make this formula stand out from the others including things like how effective it is, down to how it was made. 

Here are a few things that stood out to me:

  • Spit up drops by 50%

This is something that I can’t verify myself because I just don’t know how to test something like this but Enfamil does claim that their formula reduces spit up by 50%. This is quite impressive and will relieve your baby a lot and get rid of your feeding struggles.

This 50% number was obtained from a blind study that was conducted on toddlers that would spit up often previously. Their findings showed that the spit up was reduced by 50% on average compared to before the formula. 

  • Reflux reduced heavily

A lot of growing babies will go through reflux which can be quite painful for a parent to see their child go through. Many health sites recommend mixing rice cereal into bottles to help with reflux but this comes with many downsides such as lower nutritional value and time consuming. (source)

This formula does this for you by pre-adding something similar to rice cereal so you just have to make the formula and not worry about adding extra rice cereal. This helps to reduce reflux and is extremely effective.

  • Nutrition to mimic breast milk

Their A.R formula, like most formulae, is formulated to match breast milk and is milk based, unlike some formulas that are soy-based. Cow milk is used a lot as a base for formula and works quite well as long as your toddler isn’t allergic to dairy. 

This formula has all the nutrients your child could ever need with all the fat, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals needed. Other things like folic acid, iron, and other smaller nutrients are also included.

  • Plenty of probiotics 

One of the things that causes spit up is some kind of digestion issue and the things that fix that are probiotics! Enfamil’s formula has some crucial probiotics that help your baby to digest food better. They even offer a lot of health benefits to humans in general.

  • Multitude of options to buy

One of the best parts about formulal is the convenience that you get from them. This formula comes in tiny bottles with the formula already premade for you or you can just buy the powder and mix it yourself. However, this convenience comes with a much higher price tag and the option with the premade formula is way more expensive.

  • Costs

Now, I would suggest buying the formula in bulk, however, it’s better to test it in small batches first! You really don’t wanna be stuck with a lot of formula and no babies to eat it. Buying this formula at your local store is pretty hard and expensive but luckily amazon sells it for! 

These types of formulas are generally more expensive as they are made for a specific type of condition. I suggest first testing it out and then buying in bulk to save money!

  • Top choice among many parents

Among all the parents I talked with, this formula came up the most for babies that spit up or have reflux. It also gets recommended by pediatricians which is quite impressive and is extremely crucial to the health of some babies. And to be on the safer side, it also follows the rules put in place by the American Academy of Pediatrics for reflux reduction.

Important Details About This Formula!

  • Thick formula

The fact that this is a formula meant for spit up means it’s quite a bit thicker compared to normal formulas. This makes it way harder to flow through your normal nipples that you might’ve used for milk or other formulas.

The thing about this is that you can just buy a new set of nipples that allow for a much larger flow but make sure to buy the right ones. Try buying two sizes up and check out our guide about nipple sizes here!

  • Differences in powder and premade

If you are a busy parent and you got the money to spend, you might go for Enfamil’s premade formula which is super convenient but there is one small caveat. 

Almost everybody has observed that babies will accept one formula but won’t accept the other. This is quite confusing for us parents as the formulas should be the same but apparently, they aren’t.

  • Mixing isn’t super easy

If you’ve ever mixed any formula, you know it’s quite easy to mix water and some powder but this formula isn’t easy to mix. Due to the fact that it’s much thicker, mixing it is also much harder. You might need to use some clever tricks to get it to mix completely and faster.

Try mixing small amounts of the powder and adding more as the amount you added first has been mixed in. You can also try to make some lukewarm water and use that to help make the mixing faster. Another thing you could do is just shake the bottle for much longer or even give it to your baby for mixing!

  • Damaged boxes

This isn’t an issue of the formula itself, however, after talking with many parents, they have all experienced this at least once. When you buy the formula online, the packaging might be tampered with or just damaged during delivery.

If this happens, contact whoever you bought it from and ask for a return or exchange. Something like this isn’t safe for your baby at all!

  • Gassy babies

A lot of foods will cause gas in babies because gas is part of the digestion process but this formula especially will cause it a lot more. This is because the formula is much thicker so when you’re mixing it, a lot more air bubbles are trapped inside the formula.

To prevent this, make sure to tap the bottle on any surface to get rid of any air bubbles!

  • Expiration date

Again this is another downside of buying online because you cannot see the expiry date for yourself. If you do buy bulk, and the expiry date is close, then you’re gonna be stuck with a bunch of expired formula.

The way around this is to contact the seller and ask about the expiry date before buying!


  • Comes in a multitude of options
  • Provides 100% required nutrition
  • Best for reducing spit up
  • Also aids in common reflux
  • Convenient
  • Well known and reputable 


  • Troubles with mixing
  • Thicker flow
  • Expensive
  • Differences between options


I hope this article was of some use to the parents out there trying to find the best formula for their baby! This formula will work best if your child goes through a lot of spit up or reflux.

However, if your toddler doesn’t face those issues, then there is no point to this formula. There are many other formulas that are way better for normal babies!

Have you tried this formula before? Share your experiences below!

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