Charlie Crane Levo Review

Charlie Crane Levo Rocker In-Depth Review 2020

There have been numerous times where I need to do something and I need to find a spot for my baby. It honestly sounds way easier than it actually is.


Finding a safe spot for your baby and something that will keep them from crying is a hard task. This is where rockers come in.


This is where the  Charlie Crane Levo Rocker comes into play. This bouncer is just amazing in so many ways yet so simple compared to other bouncers.


The brand Charlie Crane itself has quite an interesting history. They get their influences from Scandinavian design and other multiple French designs.


However, it also has its downsides, that I talk about below, which might prevent people from buying it. 

Charlie Crane Levo Rocker

Come on, I think we can all agree that this is one beautifully designed rocker and is one of a kind. Something about the design just makes it look so sleek and modern.


The rocker has this curve to it that, believe it or not, has a bunch of health benefits to it such as digestion. And it even keeps your baby comfortable for long periods of time.


It comes in many colors such as sweet grey, Aruba blue, organic white and many other designs too. You can even choose the wood from walnut to birch and it’s all real wood.


The main downside to this design is that it might not fit in with your home aesthetic as it does have a certain look and feel to it. The other downside is that because they use real wood, the upkeep is hard. You need to clean the rocker itself a lot to keep it pristine and it could also be a fire hazard. 

Assembly Of The Levo Rocker

At first, I thought assembling a product like this would be extremely hard especially with all the curved wood involved. However, surprisingly it was pretty simple.


The whole assembly took around 10 minutes and it was super simple. It came with really clear instruction and even included the Allen key needed to. build the rocker.


The best part about the assembly is that it’s also easy to take it apart which makes it a really good choice if you wanna take it somewhere with you.


Once you take apart the Levo rocker, you can pack it up really easily and it’s not even that bulky. However, personally, I never travel with my baby’s rocker and I just feel like it’s not a necessary item to travel with.

Charlie Crane Rocker

How Many Features Does The Levo Rocker Have?

Well, not many to be frank.  Charlie Crane is a company that makes products that are minimal but are generally higher quality and this shows on their Levo rocker.


There are no features like lights, audio for the baby, or anything at all to distract the baby. Other rockers usually have a battery-operated rock feature to move the rocker by itself.


This one has no electric powered features at all and the only way it rocks is through pure human strength. It does work wonders though, for example, if your child is kicking their feet around. The rocker will move accordingly which helps soothe the baby.


Charlie Crane’s Levo rocker truly is a simplistic approach to a rocker. There really aren’t any features to talk about but that’s what appeals to some parents.


Some parents want something simple and something that will last for a long time. And this provides that.


However, this doesn’t mean you can’t add your own stuff. Some parents have added a play gym on the top of the Levo rocker. You can do this too if your baby really needs something to keep them distracted.


This rocker really is a no shills type of product where there aren’t any extras and it’s just pure quality. You can tell they spent a lot of time and money on perfecting the design and quality of this rocker.

Quality Of The Charlie Crane Levo Rocker

This is one place where Charlie Crane’s rocker really shines. They use the highest quality of wood you can find and all of it is organically sourced.


The wood also has this nice finish to it which makes it very smooth to the touch, and according to their website, it is also food safe. (Charlie Crane)


The cushion used in the rocker is made of 100% cotton and is extremely soft to the touch. My baby just loves sleeping on it and to be honest, I also want a bigger size of this cushion for myself because it’s just so comfy!


I’m not sure if it’s because of the price or not but whenever you feel this rocker, you just feel a sense of quality. It’s really hard to explain but this Levo rocker just screams quality everywhere and has held up so much abuse by my babies.

The Functionality Of The Levo Rocker

Although I said before that this rocker basically has no features. It still has a good amount of functionality in ways which even I didn’t expect.


First, let’s talk about how the design of the Levo rocker plays into its functionality. The curved design that you see of the baby actually has a lot of health benefits for your baby. 


Prevent Gastric Acid Reflux

One of the benefits is that it can help prevent gastric acid refluxes. Acid reflux is when your baby vomits a lot, has trouble swallowing, and refuses to eat. The way to prevent this is to elevate your baby’s head. The rocker does this for you with its curved design. (Source)


Prevent Flat head syndrome

Another health benefit is that the design prevents your baby from going through the flat head syndrome. This syndrome is when your baby’s head flattens out due to their position during sleeping. And the way to fix this? You guess it! Elevate their head while sleeping to alleviate pressure or change their position while they are sleeping. (Source)


The Levo rocker does both of these as the curved design removes the pressure off their head and it also allows the baby to tilt their head which allows them to move their position a lot more while sleeping.


Better visibility for baby

Another functionality of the curved design is that it allows your baby to better see you when they are in the rocker. Their eyes are pointed more towards you rather than to the ceiling like in a traditional crib.


Better sleep position

The position your baby sleeps in the rocker is also known as the semi-fetal position which is a really comfortable position for the baby to be in (Trust me I was a baby at one point). It helps them sleep better by decreasing the number of body movements.


Most of the functionality of the Levo rocker is based on health benefits and there aren’t many things related to technology or any visual functionality at all. 

Will My Baby Like The Levo Rocker?

This is one of the most important questions when buying a rocker for your child because, in the end, it’s your child that decides if they like it or not.


This will surely be different from child to child and I can only speak from my own experiences. I can easily say that my child loved the rocker.


He was able to quickly fall asleep as the rocker would rock itself when he was moving even a little bit. And it even helped to make him stop crying, but I did need to give the Levo rocker a tiny push.


I think the best part that he loved was the fabric. The fabric on the cushion is really comfy and made from high-quality materials. Even an adult would fall asleep in it!


However, him falling asleep would have also happened in other rockers. This rocker isn’t special in the sense that it made him sleep but it did do it much faster than the other ones.


The main reason was because it has way fewer distractions for the baby. All this rocker does is rock the baby and gently put it to sleep with no extra bells or whistles. 


If you baby needs something to stay more active and stimulate their sense, then you should check out baby jumpers!

Charlie Crane Weight Limit

Is The Levo Rocker Safe Enough?

Charlie Crane as a company does have quite an extensive history dealing with baby products. And this rocker by Charlie Crane is no exception.


First, let’s talk about the wood itself. It has a food-safe coating on it so it isn’t harmful to your baby in any way. Along with that, the Levo rocker also comes with fasteners for your baby.


This helps in keeping your baby in place so that they don’t fall off when they are sleeping on the rocker or bouncer.


One thing that isn’t so safe is the rocking motion itself. If your baby starts to kick around too much, they might cause the rocker to rock too much which might make it fall over.


This wouldn’t happen if someone was there to supervise but many parents often leave their infants in rockers while they go do some other work.


For the people that are interested, it does follow the European safety guidelines which are strict rules for companies to follow. This should be enough to prove that your baby is in safe hands!


The rocker also comes with safety guidelines for us parents which outlines some basic tips on how to position the rocker such as keeping it on flat surfaces and other common stuff.

Is The Levo Rocker Easy To Clean?

This is a question that many parents ask when buying products for their babies. Babies don’t have advanced motor skills like adults and drop stuff all the time.


Luckily for you, the fabric on Charlie Crane’s Levo Rocker is washable! You can just take it off and throw it into the washing machine. The fabric is really easy to wash but it needs to be taken care of as it is cotton.


The wood itself is easy to wipe down and has a spill-resistant coating so if your baby drops anything on it you can easily wipe it off in case your baby drops something on it.


One thing I wished this rocker had was water-resistant fabric. Sure it’s nice being able to wash the fabric but if I’m washing the fabric then my baby has no cushion for the rocker.


It would be better if they provided an extra cushion or it would be even better to have a spill-resistant cushion.

Who Is The Charlie Crane Levo Rocker For?

The Charlie Crane Levo rocker is truly a product designed for parents that have a need to have the best looking designer products.


This rocker isn’t something that the average parent would buy but it for sure would look nice in anyone’s house. The best type of parent for the Levo rocker are parents who want simplicity and quality combined.


That is what this rocker offers parents. If you are looking for a rocker filled with technology or a rocker with a bunch of features, well you won’t find that here.


All you get here is a no shills type of rocker with the best possible build quality.

Charlie Crane Levo Rocker Vs. Baby Bjorn Bouncer

Charlie Crane Levo Rocker Vs Baby Bjorn Bouncer

This is a common comparison parents will make when buying a Levo rocker because both these products are in the same ballpark terms of the prices.


Although their functionality is quite similar, they have quite unique designs. The Baby Bjorn Bouncer goes for a more sleek cloth design while Charlie Crane’s Levo rocker has a more modern design to it.


The Bjorn bouncer is unique in the way it bounces. It isn’t a traditional rocker and has a different system behind it. This might work better for some babies depending on how they react to movements.


The angle at which the baby sits is also different in both of them. The Bjorn bouncer has a more upright angle while the Levo rocker is more slanted.


Personally, I would buy the rocker from Charlie Crane as it works better with my baby but your baby might be different. I also prefer the aesthetic of the Levo rocker.


However, if you want, you can check out the Bjorn bouncer here! I will have a review on it shortly!

F.A.Q. And Specifications Of The Levo Rocker!

Here I will answer some common questions that many parents, including myself, have when buying the Levo rocker.


I will also list some specifications that you might need to know before you buy this rocker.


What is the weight limit of the charlie crane levo rocker?

The maximum allowed weight on the rocker is 9 kg or about 19 pounds. This will be sufficient for most babies and even ones that are a bit older.


The closer you are to the weight limit, the more your baby will be able to move the rocker. And this is a good thing as your baby will feel calmer as the rocker is moving a lot more.


If you have any more questions please share them with me so I can add them here.


If you have previously used the Levo rocker, please share your experiences with it and what you think about it! You might get featured in this article!

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