Is carnation’s evaporated milk good for my baby? is there any harm with using carnation instead of baby formula?

Carnation Evaporated Milk For Babies

One of the concerns I had when I was raising my little one was about the different ways I could feed them.


After doing some research about this, I found a couple of things I could use to feed my toddler.


The obvious one was to breastfeed or pump milk, the second one was to use formula, and the last one was to use something called Carnation evaporated milk.


It’s not something that is commonly used and is quite rare these days but if you were to ask your parents, they might know what it is.


I put together this article after doing some more research on Carnation milk for any parents that have questions about it.

To put it simply, Carnation is a brand of evaporated milk by Nestle. It was created decades ago as a replacement for breastmilk or formula.


The effectiveness of this milk is debated and I talk more about it below.


Many parents in the 1900’s used this milk and it was even recommended by doctors at a point.


The babies that drank this milk are now called “Carnation babies” which I hope makes sense as to why they would be called that.


Now you might be asking what sets this apart from other evaporated milks which there are plenty of in the market.


Well, this brand has many more nutrients compared to other brands which are essential for a baby.


If you have no idea what evaporated milk is, it’s just milk that has most of the water evaporated from it, hence the name.


Think of it as a sort of concentrated milk that has more nutrients along with more calories which helps to satisfy your baby’s hunger.


Now we all know that pumping milk is hard and breastfeeding isn’t always possible, so you might be asking if Carnation milk is a healthy alternative for your baby.


Well, keep on reading!

Can I Give Carnation Milk To My Baby?

For the long term, no. However, if you ran out of formula and all you have is evaporated milk, then sure you can.


Although, it isn’t a replacement for breastmilk or formula. Those two things contain many more nutrients that a growing baby needs.


Evaporated milk in the end is just cows milk that is more concentrated.


Baby cows have different requirements in terms of nutrients compared to human babies. 


So again just to rephrase, no you cannot give your baby Carnation Evaporated milk in the long run.

Is Carnation Milk Safe For Babies?

Technically, yes as it’s just cow milk anyway. It would be the same as feeding your child whole cow milk.


One of the risks that it brings along is malnutrition for your baby. Evaporated milk doesn’t always satisfy your baby and could lead to them losing a lot of weight.


Another issue is that generally, infants below 1 year of age aren’t able to digest cow’s milk in huge quantities. 


Babies are designed to digest their mother’s milk or formula made for babies but cow milk can cause some harmful effects to their stomach. 


Lots of cow’s milk can cause irritation inside their stomach and in the long run, it can cause blood loss or even anemia.


Once your baby reaches one year of age, their stomachs are much better at digesting milk from a cow and at this point, it is safer to feed them with that. 


However, the one safe thing about using evaporated milk is that all the bad bacterias are removed which does make the milk safer for babies. (source)

Can I Use Carnation’s Evaporated Milk Instead Of Baby Formula?

Like I said before, you could for a couple of days but not in the long term.


Carnation evaporated milk just doesn’t have the right nutrients for our babies and it’ll cause some serious harm to your baby.


Now there are cases where you might have to feed your baby this type of milk but this is something only your doctor can recommend.


Some babies might not react well to formula and can experience things like acid reflux. As a way around this, doctors will recommend Carnation evaporated milk.


Now, I don’t suggest using that milk if your doctor hasn’t recommended it because the milk can be harmful and there are extra precautions you need to take.


Just to clarify again, evaporated milk is not an alternative for formula or breastmilk. It can be a short term alternative but it isn’t effective in the long term.

What Nutrients Are Missing From Carnation’s Evaporated Milk?

If you do choose to feed your baby Carnation milk, there are some extra precautions you will need to take.


Your doctor will also most likely tell you a similar thing and you have to follow these otherwise your baby could have serious health issues.


The one essential nutrient that is vital to your baby’s growth is iron. This is also the one nutrient that is missing in cow’s milk.


This means that using evaporated milk will cause your child to be stripped of any iron.


Of course, there are ways to prevent this problem which includes feeding your baby iron supplements.


Doctors will often also suggest other vitamins that your baby might need so make sure to consult with your doctor properly and ask them any extra questions you have! (Source)

Rumors Around Carnation’s Evaporated Milk

You might hear many adults talk about how they were fed evaporated milk as a child and they turned out fine.


They often use this as an excuse to feed their kids the same thing which isn’t always the right thing to do.


Their parents most likely used extra vitamins to help provide more nutrients for their baby or maybe they used evaporated milk sparingly.


Another conspiracy that has come up is that baby formula is just a corporate fad used to make money. This is completely false.


Baby formula is specially made so that babies can easily digest it while also providing the right nutrients. 


Formula wasn’t available for parents decades ago which made them use evaporated milk as their best alternative but now we do have formula and we should make use of it. 


To bring it all together, evaporated milk isn’t a healthy alternative to breastmilk or even formula for your infant.


It can lead to iron deficiencies as your toddler grows up and also cause other serious health effects.


Only use evaporated milk if your doctor suggests it due to a health concern with traditional breastmilk or formula.


If you have any more questions, please do ask us!


Share your experiences below about Carnation and if your parents used it!

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