The 5 Best Hip Seat Carriers Money Can Buy – Buying Guide 2020

Parenting can be sometimes a very difficult task to embark on and if you’re not patient enough with your kids you either lose it or they lose you…if you know what I mean. 

As a new parent, the urge to always be with your little one is always burning inside and if you have a baby that just loves climbing up and down on you wanting you to carry him everywhere then your job as a parent could get more difficult. And as he gets older, he becomes difficult to carry around and that’s when you need to get yourself a hip seat carrier.

What is a hip seat carrier?

Just as the name suggests, the hip seat carrier is a type of mobile baby carrier that allows your child to be carried comfortably anywhere by the wearer in the hip carry position. 

These days, most baby carriers come in three or more different carrying positions with the hip carry position being one of them. 

What’s more, these carriers are found to be very helpful for parents during the growing up days of the baby when the child is still crawling about and needs to be held and taken everywhere with you all the time. 

Many of these hip carriers also come with a removable panel that is attached to the hip seat waistband. Without the panel, the carrier can be placed or positioned on either side of your waist where you feel you are most comfortable, and with the back panel, you can go hands-free carrying the carrier. 

These carriers are not to be used for newborns but are ideal for growing up toddlers from the 6 months to the 3 years age bracket and the carrier will depend on the brand and the weight to get the full benefits.

So, if you’re in the market in search of the best hip seat carrier for your baby, here are some of the best baby carriers that have been reviewed with the best features that make great baby carriers.

Top 5 Baby Hip Seat Carriers

ProductFeatures/SpecificationsOur Rating!Buy Here!
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Many Pockets
  • Hood for shade
  • Well padded
  • Many positions
  • Lots of adjustments
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to remove
  • High quality straps
  • Fitted for baby
  • Ergonomic
  • Less heat
  • No inserts required
  • Kiddihug Hip Seat Carrier

    This baby carrier is specially designed to provide the best padding and back support to accommodate bigger kids. The seat carrier allows your baby’s weight to be evenly distributed between your shoulder and your hips so that you can easily leave the house to run errands, grab lunch with a friend, or even just to take a walk.

    With this carrier, your baby can cuddle in a natural sitting position and feel the same comfort as when in the womb and with a large ventilated front pocket it helps keep your baby cool including the 2 side pockets on the belt that are ideal to keep your wallet, keys or phone.

    It’s engineered to ensure parents do not experience the back pain associated with heavy liftings and the Kiddihug will reduce the strain on your back when carrying your baby and because it comes with 6 in 1 sitting position, you can position the carrier anyhow you want it so long as it is comfortable for you and your baby.

    Kiddihug is currently one of the favorite carriers for mothers who want comfort and excitement just carrying their baby everywhere. It comes in either black or grey and is ergonomically designed to support babies from 3 to 36 months.


    • Lightweight
    • Different zipper pockets
    • Very affordable
    • comfortable for both parent and baby
    • Versatile carrying position


    • comfortable fit for petite or plus size is difficult

    Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier 

    This baby seat carrier comes designed and uses soft cotton fabric to make the baby very comfortable, the velcro seat comes with adjustable tabs that makes switching between modes much easier compared with other seat carriers. 

    The waistband is super wide and it doesn’t come with plastic buckles that are likely going to be piercing into your skin like some carriers do and with its slim and sexy appearance, the Ergobaby can be used to carry most babies from the hospital as it can safely carry seven pounds and up. 

    The carrier has a built-in tuck hood that helps the baby stay safe from the scorching sun and will even cover up your baby during light rain including using it as a nursing cover so that mothers can safely feed their babies without the need to take them out of the seat. 

    So, if you’re the type that likes your carrier coming in different sitting positions, either sitting outward facing the world or sitting facing inward, this Ergobaby 360 is just right for you


    • Both parent and baby feel very comfortable
    • Sun protecting hood
    • Well padded and stitched together


    • A bit pricier than others
    • Velcro material is hard to adjust
    • Doesn’t come with pockets

    Beco Gemini Hip Seat Baby Carrier 

    This is one of the few baby hip carriers that cater to more adult body types than most other carriers in the market. 

    The Gemini has a versatile and comfortable design for newborns to toddlers and offers a more ergonomic sitting position. This baby carrier is loved by many parents for apparent good reasons –

    for once, the baby carrier comes with a crossable strap that fits better on both wide and narrower shoulders including bigger and smaller body frames.  Also the carrier is built so you can easily wear and adjust the buckles than many other carriers. 

    Another good thing about this Gemini baby carrier is that it’s minimal and it’s very simple to use for a wide range of adult body types. The adjustable panel height and width make it one of the few most versatile and convenient carriers around. This carrier offers ample baby support and it comes less bulky and costs the same or more with other hip carrier models.


    • Positioning is versatile
    • Comfort is guaranteed
    • Comes with easy manual instructions


    • Shoulder straps are a bit rough

    Baby Tula Explore Carrier

    Although this baby hip carrier is new in the market, the Baby Tula Explore is going to be a best-seller buckle carrier in 2020. 

    The carrier comes in two versions – one is made from pure 100% cotton while the other comes fitted with a mesh material in the middle of the back panel for increased air circulation. 

    The ‘Coast’ (which is the name given to the second version with the mesh vent) is unarguably the best version of the two during summer or warm climate because of the mesh vent that is attached to the carrier. 

    However, the standard Explore comes in different colors and it can be used by babies of 7 pounds without needing any infant insert although it can carry a child of about 45 pounds – and it can be used by parents for 2-3 years.


    • Comfortable to put on
    • Fitted for baby and parent
    • Easy to remove
    • Adjustable straps


    • Heat prone because of thick fabric for normal version 

    Lillebaby Complete Baby Carrier

    This carrier is one of the best baby hip carriers on the market today because it offers different available carrying positions and its the ideal carrier for babies weighing between 7 to 45 pounds –  and you don’t need an infant insert to like this product. 

    The versatile carrying position makes it possible to carry your infant or toddler on your hip and at your back and the possibility of the child facing forward. This carrier comes built with soft structured fabric and a cup seat that you can easily adjust according to the baby’s age and size which gives the child an option to rest in the most comfortable natural position he feels.


    • Ergonomic design to keep in a safe seated position
    • Versatile positioning
    • Less heat
    • No need for infant inserts


    • Not ideal for petite parents  
    • bit bulkier

     What to Know Before Using a Hip Carrier

    Before you buy your new baby hip seat carrier, there are certain important characteristics that you need to look out for to ensure your baby has the best comfort while being carried about.

    Good Head And Neck Control

    Most baby carriers come with manual instructions on how to use the carrier including the right baby age and weight that can fit in and the different sitting positions your baby can enjoy like the hip carry. 

    If your child is not old enough to use the seat carrier and youre already using it on him, this can be bad for his bone formation – and for some other older kids, most of the carriers do not come with fully supportive head and neck features

    so for this you need to be sure your child has strong head and neck control to fully enjoy the baby carrier.

    Comfort For both The Parent and The Baby

    The best comfortable hip carrier is the one with the evenly distributed child’s weight and can support both your bodies (mother and baby) made of comfortable fabric and must come with padded shoulder straps and a padded lumbar support belt.

    Carry Your Baby In Different Positions

    The best way to use the baby hip carrier is to carry the baby in different sitting positions like having him on one side today and carrying on the other side the next time. This way, you won’t strain the muscle on a particular side if you are always using one positioning. For instance, if you carry your toddler on the left side all the time, it will mess up your posture and may cause your left muscle to become stronger than your right and definitely will mess up the way you stand.

    Practice safe baby-wearing.

    Once your baby is safely tucked in his carrier, make sure you double-check that your – 

    • Baby’s airway is open
    • Baby is not sitting plumped but upright with his back and neck correctly supported
    • The hip carrier is well tightened and hold your baby very close against your body
    • Baby’s face is visible


    Is a baby carrier with a hip seat good?

    Nothing feels more comforting than having a way to carry your baby and still have time to joggle other chores together. This means the hip seat carrier helps reduce the burden of carrying your baby everywhere and offers a longer carrying period if necessary.

    What Age Do You Start Using A carrier?

    Most mothers would prefer to carry their baby when he/she is strong enough to hold up the head and neck properly and this is probably when the baby is about 3-6 months old. However, some mothers have also used it to carry a newly born from the hospital as long as the weight does not weigh below 7 pounds.

    What age do you stop using a baby carrier?

    This will depend on the growth of your baby but it is recommended you stop using the carrier when the baby is between 2-3 years of age as the baby weight will have a significant impact on the carrier

    Are baby carriers worth it?

    Yes, they are worth all the attention they’re getting right now. Baby carriers are like help sent from above because it helps relieve baby weight on mothers’ arms. Although they are only used occasionally especially during outdoor activities, they are very handy tools that every mother is proud to associate with.

    Are baby carriers bad for your back?

    When the baby stays for too long on the carrier, it can affect your back. for instance, if you front carry your baby and the carrier is a bit low or farther away from your body it can cause some pains in your shoulder and this will also cause strain in your upper back and neck and also back carrying the baby too low can cause your lower spine to ache

    What is the safest baby carrier?

    The safest baby hip carrier is the one that offers the most natural ergonomic positioning and is made with soft and padded fabric. This is where the ergobaby 360 comes in. Its made to help your baby sit comfortably in any frog or spread squat positions and is approved as the “hip-healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute

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