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The Best Baby Jumpers Of 2020-Top Picks

Isn’t it wonderful to receive the greatest gift-a baby? 

Babies are also called angels sent from above. It symbolizes hope, new beginning, love, and life. It is also believed that babies bring a lot of luck to their family in any aspect, such as financially, emotionally, socially, and other else. 

On the other side, since babies are not yet rational in the early stages of their life, they naturally move and kick all the time. These are the only portion of how hard life is when giving efficient care to a baby. Since they always have the energy to kick and move around their crib, tendencies of falling and hurting themselves are not impossible. Given this, equipment to support and protect the babies from this kind of harm is only essential with things such as baby jumpers. 

Good thing, due to the continuous innovation that our generation experiences nowadays, effective and high-quality equipment can be reached easily. But aside from the strollers and cribs, do you have any other idea about this equipment meant to help the development of a child? 

Well, this will be the topic of our article for today- we are going to discuss baby jumpers, and we are also going to tackle the ways on how to buy the best baby jumpers. This can help a lot of expecting parents for them to properly assess and choose the best baby jumper for their child. Aside from keeping the baby entertained and getting some exercise, this is also an alternative way best to use when putting the baby to sleep. 

So, sit back and continue reading this.

What is a Baby Jumper?

Let us first start discussing what a baby jumper is briefly. In this way, we can gain more knowledge about this equipment used to protect the babies from any harm.

A Baby Jumper refers to the activity seat that is affixed into an elastic harness. This equipment allows the babies to use and move their legs through propelling themselves either down or up. Also, this is a well-known alternative for providing babies with daily exercise.

This can help the babies strengthen their bodies by making movements to any side of their body. Aside from that, baby jumpers also help the babies to be distracted and play by themselves. It became helpful equipment, especially to those parents that still need to finish a task while taking good care of the baby.

Below are other well-known names of a baby jumper:

  • Jumperoo
  • Activity Centres

This is another name for a baby jumper, but it must not be confused with an infant play mat, which is also another baby equipment used when they are playing on the floor.

  • Bouncers

This is considered as the most used another name for a baby jumper. Since this equipment allows the baby to move around and bounce up or down, it has been called a bouncer. This must not also be confused with the bouncy infant seat.

Moving forward, let us proceed to the top 5 brands of baby jumpers that you can consider when buying and referring it to other people.

Top Baby Jumpers of 2020 – Our Picks

1. Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

This is considered as the top-pick baby jumper among the hundred products around the world. It is loved and highly-recommended by proud moms around the world. Below are the reasons why.

Best Baby Jumper Top Pick
Our Top Pick for a baby jumper

The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo earned a gold standard through the high-quality features and benefits that can be gathered upon using it. This baby jumper is known for the following features:

  • Requires 3 AA batteries
  • 2 size choices for more options with activities
  • Portable and easy to fold

In addition, this baby jumper allows the baby to spin around with a 3600 angle. This can enable the baby to move more and have fun.

3 AA batteries that are required to make this work might not be available to your place. So better check and look for it when coming to a store or out of town. 

2. Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Baby’s View 3-Stage Activity Centre

This baby jumper got the second spot for the top best baby jumpers ever manufactured. This baby jumper offers a lot of benefits not only to the baby but also to the parents. That is a lot of people highly-recommends this baby jumper, for it guarantees quality and safety to the babies. 

Second pick for best baby jumper
Our second pick for the best baby jumper

The Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Baby’s View 3-Stage Activity Centre is known as a convertible baby jumper that can grow with your 4 months to 5 years old toddler. Here, you can easily pop your child in as he has begun to stand comfortably. 

Also, if your child got annoyed and wants to have more fun, you can easily turn this baby jumper into an activity center. You can use the table and put the toys on it while your child walks around. Also, you can add a chalkboard and table wherein your child can practice writing or draw other stuff. However, the additional materials must be bought separately from the baby jumper. 

3. Evenflo Exersaucer Door Jumper

If you are looking for a budget-friendly type of baby jumper, the Evenflo ExerSaucer Door Jumper is what you’ve been looking for. This baby jumper is also called as the budget baby jumper due to its low cost yet still possesses good quality.

Our third pick for the best baby jumper.
Our third pick for the best baby jumper

The Evenflo ExerSaucer Door Jumper can fit in any doorway that has three to six inches wide, as well as its range. This guarantees that your baby jumper can fit in any standard doorway. Also, installing this in your doorway will just be a breeze, for it does not need any tool. 

There is a framed seat, and it is durable to ensure that the baby won’t fall off. This also means that there is no pressure being put into the spine of your child. 

In addition, the straps of this baby jumper are adjustable so that you can easily align it to the height and weight of your child. 

4. Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Jumper

If you are looking for the best activity jumper, this is the one that will fit your standards. This baby jumper is a well-known activity jumper that has been trusted and used by a lot of parents around the world. 

Our fourth pick for the best baby jumper.

The Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Jumper will help your child to be entertained and engaged with anything fun. This baby jumper can aid your child while he is doing his first steps and jumps. Not only because of the toys, but the seat can also be rotated up to 3600, that is why he will be able to move and turn around. 

In addition, the baby jumper has three languages: French, Spanish, and English. Also, there are underwater features that will be flashed to your child, which in result, can help him be familiarized with those. Aside from helping healthy muscle development, this baby jumper will also help develop the mental abilities of your child. Isn’t it great? 

Buying Guide

Why buy a baby jumper?

Before officially buying a baby jumper, it is only natural to ask why it must be bought? 

Well, baby jumpers are equipment made by the professionals in order to aid, especially those who are single parents and do not know how to take care of the baby properly. Baby jumpers do well in entertaining the babies when you are not able to. If you are busy doing the chores but you want to keep in touch with the baby, putting him or her inside the jumper will be a great idea. 

Aside from that, baby jumpers also help in exercising the babies. When they jump and move around, it can already strengthen their body, mostly their legs. This can result to an earlier time of having the baby’s first walk. Also, after a tiring exercise and all-day movement in the jumper, the babies can get tired that will lead them straight to sleep. 

Pros and Cons of a Baby Jumper

For us to have a deeper understanding of baby jumpers, here are the pros and cons of it. 

Pros of a Baby Jumper:

  • It can assist and take the baby straight to sleep. 
  • Using baby jumpers are not only valuable to the strength and muscle growth, but it can also be helpful in the baby’s development of some abilities such as pre-walking. 
  • There are baby jumpers that are equipped not only of a comfortable seat, but also entertainment buttons that can keep the baby amused. These buttons can be the button for toys, music, shapes, colors, and other else. In this way, the baby can keep occupied that’ll give you the chance to do other must-to-do things such as the chores. Just make sure that the buttons and toys are not small enough, for the baby can swallow it. Ensure that all of it is also clean and properly disinfected. 
  • With baby jumpers, it can support the excellent muscle growth of the baby’s body. Having a powerful leg can help the baby be more jolly and away from any kind of sickness. Also, it can enable the baby to reach more destinations inside the house even at an early age. 

Cons of a Baby Jumper:

  • Some health experts say that using too many baby jumpers, especially during the early childhood age, can lead to foot deformities. This happened when the child had jumped up and down on the floor while inside the baby jumper. 
  • If you are using the doorway type of baby jumper, it can bring a lot of trouble. How? Doorway jumpers are being hung at the doorway, and when the clamp got weak, it can bring harm to the life of the baby. Even though you are confident that the door is strong and firm, there are still instances like this that can’t be avoided. It will be best to use other types and not this one. 
  • Head injuries are also possible, especially if the baby got a strong blow when using the baby jumper. The baby can hit any surface, especially the furniture. 
  • Another con of using baby jumpers is that it triggers the behavior of the kid just to press the jumper buttons through feet. This is not helpful and will only lead to problems as the baby is no longer stretching the legs towards the target points. 
  • A lot of experts in the medical field are talking that baby jumpers can lead to health problems such as asthma and other else. Since it can trigger the baby to do rigorous movements such as jumping and running, getting asthma, and the inability to breathe properly is possible. Also, it can lead to muscle imbalance, which will greatly affect the physicality of the baby. 

Baby Jumper Advantages

Here are also the advantages of buying and using a baby jumper for your baby. 

    • Keeps the baby entertained while you are not around.

If you still have things or chores to do, putting the baby inside the baby jumper is a must to do. Baby jumpers are designed to keep and protect the baby if you are going to do something else while the baby is just nearby. 

The best part here is that the baby jumper can keep the baby entertained through the toys, music, and other else included in it. Just make sure that the toys are safe and suit the age of the baby.  

    • It keeps the baby safe. 

Another advantage of using a baby jumper is that it keeps your baby safe. Babies love to move around, although they are not still able to walk properly. But by putting them inside a baby jumper, it can restrain them from making unusual movements. It can protect them from hitting an area, falling from the stairs, eat any dirt, and other else. 

    • Supports Muscle Development

Another advantage being brought by baby jumpers is that it supports muscle development. Babies, during their early ages, must already have strength and power, especially when taking a walk. Good thing, baby jumpers can help and assist with that. Frequent walks using a baby jumper can help the babies be stronger, especially the legs. 

    • Better Sleep

If it is your problem every night to take your child to sleep, the baby jumper can help you with that effectively. Putting your baby inside the jumper and letting him play can make him feel tired and sleepy. After that, you will see that your baby already fell asleep in the jumper. 

    • Play Zone

For the next advantage, it allows the babies to have a play zone. Toys and games mostly daze babies, and doing it with the help of a baby jumper will be effective. Here, you can add toys, music, or other stuff that can entertain the baby. Just make sure that the toys and other stuff are not small enough or else, the baby can swallow it.

Now, after discussing the advantages, let us then move forward to the disadvantages. 

Baby Jumper Disadvantages

Here are the disadvantages of using baby jumpers:

  • Injuries

This is the top disadvantage of using a baby jumper. When the babies are left unattended inside the baby jumper, it can still lead to injuries. It does not mean that although you used baby jumper, the baby will be safe at all times, of course not. Some factors can contribute to this disadvantage, such as other people or animal, natural phenomena (earthquake), and other else. To prevent injuries, it will be better to leave someone for the baby inside the jumper and look after him. 

  • Overprice

Although baby jumpers are needed to support the growth of babies, there is still a problem when it comes to the price. Not all baby jumpers, especially those that guarantee 100% quality, are offered at an affordable price. Of course, the price must be directly proportional to the quality. 

Well, after we have gathered information about the disadvantages of using baby jumpers, those are the only details that we got. Next are the risks of using a baby jumper. 

Risk when using a Baby Jumper

After briefly discussing the advantages and disadvantages of using a baby jumper, here are its risks that must be given importance and attention. 

  • Injuries 

This is almost the same as the disadvantages of using baby jumpers. The only risk that can be met in using baby jumpers is the possible injuries such as:

  • Hitting the Head

When the baby moves a lot, the straps can slip off, which can lead to hitting the head. This is the most common injury being experienced by babies around the world using a baby jumper. To avoid this, it will be better if there is someone in the family that will monitor the baby while in the baby jumper.

  • Foot Dislocation

This is another risk that can be experienced in using a baby jumper. Since the baby inside a baby jumper can move around and can jump as long as they can, one wrong move can lead to foot dislocation. If the foot landed improperly, the foot could be dislocated that will then result to severe pain. 

  • Hip Dysplasia 

Have you heard of this already?

Hip Dysplasia refers to the medical term used to define the fully uncovered hip socket in the upper thighbone’s ball portion. This results to the partial or full dislocation. Most of the dysplasia cases are inborn conditions. 

The doctors will help and check the baby after birth to know if there are signs of hip dysplasia. When this is done during the early age, soft braces can be attached to the hip of the baby to correct the dislocation. This can then help the baby achieve a normal and functional hip. 

What are the symptoms of Hip Dysplasia? 

The symptoms and signs of hip dysplasia vary by age group. You may notice that an infant’s leg is longer than the other one; this is a sign. Once the infant grows older, it can cause limp to develop, which will make him have hard times when walking. Also, when changing the diapers, the other hip can’t be flexible enough compared to the other one. 

In the case of adults and teenagers, osteoarthritis and hip labral tear can be the painful complications brought about by hip dysplasia. This can then cause pain in groin-related activities. Instability of the hip is also another sign. 


Soft cartilage builds up the hip joint at birth that hardens into the bone during the growth process. The socket and ball need to fit together properly, for they are responsible for molding each other.  If one is not able to act properly and to mold with the other, this is when the problem occurs. The absence of the other can make the hip too shallow to receive any possible damage. 

Moreover, a month before birth is the time wherein the womb becomes crowded, which pushes the hip joints to move out of its correct position. This then results in the development of a shallow socket. Below are the factors that can reduce the space amount of womb:

  • Large Baby
  • First Pregnancy
  • Breech Presentation

Risk Factors for Hip Dysplasia 

It commonly affects the girls, and it can run in the family genetics. Also, babies that are born in breech positions and have been swaddled tightly with straight knees and hips can more likely produce hip dysplasia. 


Are Baby Jumpers Good or Bad?

Briefly, baby jumpers are good for babies. Aside from providing the babies entertainment and fun, it can also help in their muscle development. Although there are risks such as foot dislocation and injury, these can still be avoided through proper monitoring of the babies while in the baby jumpers. 

Above all, baby jumpers are made with quality and excellence; that is why it guarantees safety and convenience both to the babies and parents. 

Baby Jumper Vs. Walker

Baby jumpers and walkers are being weighed frequently since it has the same purposes- to entertain and aid the babies for early walking skills. Given this, below are some points to compare the two.

Baby Walker Vs. Baby jumper
Example of a walker
  • Safety of the Baby

Between by jumpers and walkers, baby jumpers have more advantages and guarantees safety to the babies more than what the walkers offer. Walkers, although used to support the early walking skills of the babies, it has wheels that can’t be controlled. Babies love to move around and walk around. That is why putting them in walkers that have wheels can bring them anywhere. It can bring them near the stairs, which can make them fall, as well as it can lead them to the doors wherein it can let them exit and face the dangers outside. Compared to the baby jumpers, it only stays in one place. 

  • Space

Walkers can be space-consuming since it has wheels that make the baby go around. Compared to the jumpers, it only stays in one place, and it will never let the babies get out. 

  • Convenience

The last point will be convenience. Walkers can be too space-consuming, as well as dangerous. In addition to that, if the house has carpets and other rough spaces, walkers cannot enable the babies to move around. 

Compared to the jumpers, it will only stay in one place while enabling the babies to jump and have fun as much as they can. 

  • Conclusion

Thus, it is justified that the baby jumper is way better than the walkers. However, the decision will always depend on the comfort and needs of the babies. 

After all, depending too much on these kinds of artificial devices is not good. It will still be the best if the parents put full efforts in entertaining and assisting the babies to have their first walk. 

Are Walkers Or Jumpers Better For Babies?

Yes, baby jumpers are better for babies for it guarantees the following:

  • Good muscle development

This is one of the main purposes of using baby jumpers- to aid good muscle development. Babies must learn to walk properly, and it can only be done by using baby jumpers and other additional equipment. This can help the babies to keep guided as they explore more in their first acquired skill- to walk properly. 

  • Entertainment

Babies can be annoyed easily when they get bored. Good thing, baby jumpers can help them cope with this problem. Baby jumpers can be added with toys, music, and other stuff to keep the baby distracted, as well as entertained. 

Also, it can help the baby to have a better sleep after playtime. If you experience hardship when taking your baby to sleep, putting them on the baby jumper and letting them play until they get tired is an alternative way. 

Suggestions When Buying Baby Jumpers

Below are only some of the suggestions to consider when buying baby jumpers. In this way, you can have a better idea of purchasing only the best for your baby. 

  • The baby jumper must never put any pressure to the spine of the baby. Excessive pressure on the spine can lead to misleading development. It can also bear other problems such as curved spine, dislocation, and paralysis. To prevent all of this from happening, we suggest that you look for a baby jumper that does not put so much pressure on the spine of the baby. 
  • The baby jumper must relax the hip of your baby. Just like too much spine pressure, too much pressure on the hip can also lead to several problems. These include paralysis of the hip, dysplasia, dislocated hip, inability to walk, and other else. To prevent these, it is suggested that you look for a baby jumper that guarantees a relaxed and unpressured hip when used by the baby.

Now, let us move forward to the type of baby jumpers. Knowing this will greatly help the parents for them to have better assessment and analysis on what type of jumper will do well with their child. 

Types Of Baby Jumpers

best doorway jumper
Example Of DoorWay Jumper
  • Doorway Jumper

The very first type of baby jumper that we will discuss is the doorway jumper. Have you heard of this already?

Well, a doorway type of baby jumper is perhaps the most common one that you can picture out when it comes to baby jumpers. This type of jumper has a baby seat that must be attached to the door frame. The baby will be secured and safe through a harness or belt. 

This will hold the baby as it is hung up on the door frame. Here, the baby can jump up and down without any problem. But still, proper monitoring of the baby is needed. 

Best Baby Jumper Jumper
Example of a Stationary Jumper
  • Stationary Jumper

The next type of baby jumper that we will discuss is the stationary jumper. Coming from its name, this baby jumper is literally placed in one area only. There are similarities with the doorway jumper. 

However, this already has its own frame that can sit to the ground. It only needs to be assembled at one place to be used. Also, this jumper can be space consuming since the frame must be set properly to avoid any problem. 

Another thing, this baby jumper has a safe bungee cord but be reminded that the baby must not be swung to strong. 

Best Activity Centres
Example of an Activity Centre
  • Activity Centers

This is also known as the exersaucers of Evenflo’s produced brand name. Here, the babies are enabled to bounce as much as they want with additional entertainment buttons such as rattles, push, toys, and other else. 

All of these are made not only to entertain the children but also to help them be busy and focused. 

How to Choose a Baby Jumper?

This is obviously one of the top questions when there is a plan to buy a baby jumper. How and what we will choose for a baby jumper? Good thing, we already provided you with some key points on how to do so. 

When purchasing a baby jumper, make sure to look for the following details:

  • Size limitations or age

When buying a baby jumper, it is a must that you consider first the age, height, and weight of your baby. In this way, we can find only the best and suitable baby jumper to make the child feel comfortable and safe.  

  • Adjustable Height

The next thing that must be considered is the adjustable height. Ensure that the baby jumper you have chosen has an adjustable height to help the baby be more comfortable and happier when playing. Also, make sure that the feet of the baby and the floor meet to restrain the baby from uncomfortably reaching the floor. 

  • Size of the Product

This is another point that must be considered when purchasing a baby jumper. Here, the product dimensions must be well-considered. If your home does not have enough space to accommodate a baby jumper, it will be better if you choose the convenient types such as the doorway jumpers. This type of jumper only needs a door frame where it can be tied to. 

  • Washable Seat

Another thing to consider when buying a baby jumper is the capability of its seat to be dried quickly and comfortable to use. The baby jumper must not be put through too much intensity when letting the child play on the baby jumper with a diaper that can explode any minute now.  Another thing, the seat must be washable in order to wash it when it becomes dirty and unsafe. Also, when the child didn’t help but pooped in the baby jumper, a washable seat will never be a problem. 

  • Bungee Cords

This is the last point that must be considered when buying a baby jumper- the bungee corps. If you are going to choose and buy the doorway type of baby jumper, it will be better to rely on those that have a shorter length of single strap for maximum stability and also to avoid the child from getting hit again. 

FAQs about Baby Jumpers

  1. Baby Jumpers Weight Limit
    This is one of the most asked questions in using baby jumpers. Well, the most limit the weight of a baby jumper is 24 pounds. So, if your child has weighed 24 pounds already, it will be better not to use a baby jumper. 
  2. Are baby jumpers safe?
    Yes, baby jumpers are safe to use. Besides, baby jumpers are well-known devices not only for entertainment but also to muscle development, so it will be a good choice to use this. Also, baby jumpers are manufactured by well-experienced and skillful professionals that have only one vision- to make the lives and development of toddlers a lot better. 

  3. Are baby jumpers a good idea?
    Yes, definitely! Baby jumpers are safe to use, and thus, it is a good idea to use it. Aside from entertaining the children, it also aids in muscle development. Good and daily practice of walking and jumping can help the children develop their bones and muscles.
  4. How long to leave the baby in a jumper?
    This are also other most asked questions when it comes to using baby jumpers. Well, the suggested number of hours to leave a baby inside a jumper is half an hour. Babies do not yet have too strong and firm muscles to let them stand and walk for too long. If you leave them for hours inside a baby jumper, it will only result to more complications such as hip dislocation and other injuries. Also, leaving them behind alone can make them cry, so it will be better to leave them in a baby jumper for a short period only.
  5. Can Baby jumpers cause brain damage?
    There are possibilities that a baby jumper can cause brain damage to your child. But how and why? Well, babies love to move around, and leaving them in a baby jumper unattended can bring them into harm. This includes brain damages by hitting their head or falling off the jumper. The best way to avoid this is by attending your child all the time. Although they are in a baby jumper, it is still needed for you to look and care for them.
  6. When can a baby use a jumper?
    Babies can use baby jumpers around 4 months old to 5 years old. Baby jumpers are devices used to help and guide the babies as they explore strategies for them to walk and jump. Aside from that, baby jumpers can help entertain the children as you do the chores and other tasks.

    Indeed, baby jumpers are considered as one of the smartest and functional creations of this generation. 

    Aside from providing entertainment and safety to the children, baby jumpers can also help the children in any aspect, especially physically, emotionally, and mentally. With all of the details as mentioned above, may you have a proper way and idea of assessing the baby jumpers for your baby? 


    Moreover, the top 4 baby jumpers mentioned above are available in Amazon, which is the leading and biggest online shop in the world. Those baby jumpers are ranked well according to their features, pros, and recommendations gathered from the previous users of it. You can visit the Amazon website and look for yourself about the mentioned baby jumpers. Well, to see it is to believe it. 

    To end this article, we are going to tell you that baby jumpers can be the best choice in your life as a parent. Providing your child the best care with this device can make your child’s growth much more fun and memorable. 

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