How many baby wipes?

How Many Baby Wipes Do I Need?

One of the things that has saved me numerous times are baby wipes. They are so versatile and can come handy in situations without babies. They can be used for things more than just cleaning your baby’s poop but that is what you will be doing mostly. 

Baby wipes are just wet cloths that are extremely soft and made for your child. They usually have chemicals that are not harmful and also contain antibacterial elements that can remove bacteria. 

In the good old days, we parents would have to use a cloth and water to clean our babies. These wipes add a level of convenience that just makes life way easier.

They are easy to use, can be disposed of easily, are pretty cheap, and come in packages that are easy to carry around.

If this is your first baby, you might want to be prepared with the number of baby wipes you own. Buying too much can lead to baby wipes which end up all dried.

I can only give you an average on how many baby wipes you will need per day, however, your usage will be different. And being a parent is all about learning so take this opportunity to learn about your baby and change as you need. 

Here is a quick table of how many wipes you might need depending on how old your baby is. These estimates are only for using wipes for a diaper change!

Age Of Baby Wipes Per Day Wipes Per Month Wipes per Year
1 Month Old Baby 20 wipes 600 wipes 7200 wipes
9 Months or Less 16 wipes 540 wipes 6480 wipes
12 Months or Less 32 wipes 960 wipes 11520 wipes

Note: Take these numbers with a grain of salt as they are only rough estimates. I go deeper into the numbers down below. 

This entirely depends on how many times your infant needs cleaning, and also on what you decide to clean. If you only use the wipes to clean your baby’s butt, you will need significantly less but if you use them for cleaning other things like toys and plates, then you will need more. 

Wipes For One Month Old 

You will need a few wipes per diaper change, and when your baby is around 1 month old, it will be easier to clean them. Your baby will get its diaper changed by you around 10 times per day, which means you will need around 2 wipes per change. Thus you will need around 20 wipes per day assuming you only use them to clean your baby.

Wipes For Nine Months Or Less 

When your baby is 9 months or less, they will need fewer diaper changes, around 8 per day. At this age, your baby will have similar poop and need the same amount of wipes. Thus they will need around 16 wipes per day when they are 9 months old or less.


Wipes For Twelve Months Or Less

When your baby is 12 months old or less, they will poop more as they will be eating more. This will lead to more wiping, even though you will change their diapers the same amount. You will need to wipe 3-5 times, which means you will need around 32 wipes per day.


After that age, it will be the same amount or fewer wipes as your baby will start being potty trained. Once they are potty trained they can also learn to use toilet paper.


I know this sounds like a lot of wipes per day, but as a parent, you will start to understand how to wipe in a more conservative way and use fewer wipes.

How Many Wipes Will I Need Per Month?

If you didn’t already refer to the table above, finding how many wipes you need per month is easy.


When your baby is around 1 month old, you will need 600 wipes per month.


After your baby reaches 9 months or less, you will need around 540 wipes per month.


And finally, when your baby is 12 months or less, you will need to use 960 baby wipes per month.


Do not freak out from these numbers, you might use more or less but most likely less. These are just safe estimates and it’s better to have extra wipes on you as they are very versatile. You could use your extra baby wipes for cleaning other items such as chairs 


How Many Wipes Will I Need Per Year?

Again this is also relatively simple to calculate but I will do the calculations for you. As parents, our lives are already hard having to deal with our babies.


When your baby is around 1 month old, you will need 7200 wipes per year.


Once your baby is 9 months or less, you will need around 6480 wipes per month.


And finally, when your baby is 12 months or less, you will need to use 11520 baby wipes per month.


Again, do not let these numbers scare you! These are only estimates that are on the higher end of things. You will most likely use much less. 


Now you might be thinking of things such as how will you pay for all these baby wipes and how much will you need to shell out for these tiny little wipes. Well, worry not, as I will answer that too for you.

How Much Do Baby Wipes Cost?

The price of baby wipes can vary depending on how much you choose to buy and also on how many you use per day. 


Most baby wipes from popular brands will cost 5 to 6 cents per wipe and the price goes down. Buying in bulk can bring the price down but it also brings the risk of your wipes drying out. I would suggest buying in bulk but sharing the wipes with other parents as a way to save money. 


I added this calculator here to help you calculate how much you will end up paying for your wipes daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly.

How Long Do Baby Wipes Last?

As a cost-saving measure, buying in bulk will help out a lot. And trust me you want to save your money anywhere you can but this comes with the risk of the wipes drying up.


If you have the wipes unopened, then do not worry as they will last a long time. Long enough where you don’t have to worry at all.


However if you opened them, as long as you keep them in places that aren’t too hot or cold, they will last a good year in my experience at least. It might vary for you depending on what brand you have.


If you go out and buy a year’s supply of baby wipes, you would probably be fine and won’t have to deal with any drying up. As long as you open them in parts and not all together. 


Now you may be asking what can I do if they do dry out? Don’t go throwing them into the garbage so soon. To keep your baby wipes moist all you need to do is wet them with a little bit of water, and this will instantly make them wet again and good to use as before.


Again if you buy in bulk, you will probably use most of it up. So do not worry about them drying out and wipes generally do not expire but please don’t go out and use those 10 year old wipes.

Are baby wipes flushable?

Can I DIY Baby Wipes?

Of course you can make baby wipes at home! And it would be way cheaper too. You could save tons of dollars just making your own wipes and it would be reusable too. The only downside is that you would have to wash them every time you used it.


It would be best to make a couple of these wipes so that you can use multiple when needed and then wash them altogether at the end. 


To start off, get some paper towel rolls and cut them into square pieces as big as you prefer. You could use pieces of cloth here which would make them reusable.


Mix water, baby wash, and baby oil together in equal amounts, any brand works for this. Put the piece of paper towel or cloth into the mixture and let it soak for 15 minutes. Make sure the mixture has soaked into the pieces properly.


Make more mixture if needed and pour it onto the paper towels but don’t make too much as to over soak the pieces. 


Remove the cloth or paper towels and put them into a container of your choice, preferably one that is sealed so the pieces stay moist for longer. An airtight container works amazing or even an airtight bag.


Making your own DIY homemade reusable baby wipes is certainly a chore but it will save you money in the long run. It’s up to you to decide if the money saved is worth all the extra efforts.


It is also extremely eco-friendly and will minimize the amount of waste you produce if you decide to use cloth. Another thing. you can do is use good old water to clean your baby at home. This is the best way as it removes any chances of infections from wipes.

Are The Ingredients In Baby Wipes Safe?

Yes! They have to be otherwise millions of babies around the world would be in trouble. The ingredients in baby wipes are generally safe and cause no harm to babies.


However, there was a time when formaldehyde was found in some baby wipes. This is a compound that can cause cancer to humans and is very dangerous.


Luckily, the FDA has made sure that no baby wipes contain these and if you do see them on the label, do not buy them. 


Overall, yes the ingredients will be relatively safe so no need to worry.

Are Baby Wipes Flushable Down The Toilet?

This question is a tricky one. While yes wet wipes are flushable down the toilet, they don’t decompose as quickly. Even wipes labelled as flushable can cause problems.


These wipes could stay in your pipes and cause problems years down the road. So its better not to flush them and dispose of them through your garbage. 

Hope this article answered your question! If you have more questions for us please do contact us. How many wipes do you use for your baby?

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