About Us

Our babies are one of the most important things to us even before they are born. We take care of them emotionally and physically to the best of our knowledge.

However we are only humans. We are not a walking book with knowledge on everything but our phones certainly are. 

Our site PlanetOfBabies.com will give you the best knowledge you need to help nurse your baby and give them the best growth.

Any question that parents around the world will be answered on this site. New babies are born every second around the world, and from that new parents are created.

Some with help from others, while some are all alone. Whichever parent you may be, our website is here to guide you. 

Why Choose Us?

As parents, we want the best for our babies and we do anything to make sure our babies get the best. Instead of spending hours scouring the internet for answers, PlanetOfBabies is your one stop website for all your questions.

We choose products for your baby based on real experiences, and the opinions of real parents.

Research is done for everything in detail and spend hours doing it. We would never give out any wrong information as dealing with babies is truly a crucial topic.

Real parents will give various tips to deal with babies that will surely make your life much easier. Along with this we also give cost saving measures that will help you lower the cost of taking care of your baby.

Our Mission

We want to make your life as a parent easier when nursing your baby. We want to make sure your experience is joyful and you don’t have to go through the struggles that other parents go through when dealing with babies. Thus, Planet Of Babies was born to share my struggles to make your life better.